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untitled exo, tao/kris
How to Train Your Puppy btob, peniel/sungjae
Bringing you back btob, eunkwang/minhyuk
destruction resolution infinite, sungyeol/myungsoo
a mix of heaven and hell exo, kai/chen
monochrome infinite, sunggyu/hoya
are you my romeo exo,kai/d.o
Favouritism exo, suho/kai
promptwalking between the raindrops exo, chanyeol/baekhyun
daffodils infinite/btob, sungjong/sungjae
미역국 (seaweed soup) btob, minhyuk/eunkwang
Dim Streetlamps and Hopped Fences btob, Sungjae/Peniel
To Sir, With Love EXO, Kai/Kyungsoo
perks of marriage shinee, jonghyun/onew
the last time b1a4, cnu/jinyoung
untitled exo/snsd, kris/jessica/suho
sardines exo, sehun/luhan/baekhyun
You say Yes, I say No exo, Lay/Luhan friendship, established Sehun/Luhan
untitled b1a4, jinyoung/baro

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exo, kris/tao

shoujo manga!au; kris seems to be perpetually surrounded by sparkles, even when he's sweaty and gross after being awesome at basketball. it's getting rather distracting.

kris-sempai will never notice you. (◡︿◡✿)

Re: exo, kris/tao

*senpai. womp womp.

Re: exo, kris/tao

lol anon, "sempai" is correct. also, this prompt is really cute.

Re: exo, kris/tao

lol it is sempai actually...

notice me this year | kris/tao (part i)

There are very few things that the girls of SM High can agree on, but one of them is this: Kris Wu is utter perfection. He is tall and gentlemanly, has beautiful bone and facial structures, is the captain of the basketball team, and gets grades that would make any Asian mother weep tears of joy and pride, all while maintaining a cool yet kind demeanor. The chronic inability for anybody outside a truly fortunate elite to get close to him only adds to his appeal, as far as they are concerned, because he is only more desirable for his elusivity. Every day that passes, the likelihood that one of them will actually faint at his feet when he passes through the hallway rises like an exponential function.

There are even fewer things that Zitao can agree with any girl in SM High on, but one of them is this: Kris Wu is utter perfection. Definitely one-hundred percent his ideal type to a tee, especially because he is only interested in guys who are taller than him, which is an unfortunate rarity. He tries to keep his crush on the down-low, though, because his friends are all utterly unencouraging and would probably tease him about it until he wanted to dig a hole and bury himself in it. To be fair, though, that is exactly what he would do if he found out any of them had embarrassingly huge crushes on unattainable school legends. He fails miserably at it, because all attempts at subtlety tend to fly straight out the window and into the wind whenever Kris is even being discussed. Luckily, his friends are all fairly thick-headed when it comes to stuff like this.

Zitao thinks he probably secretly a little masochistic by falling in love with somebody like Kris Wu, who is probably straight despite his notorious reputation at being incredibly evasive when it comes to girls confessing to him. Quite frankly, though, he does not care, and is content to stare longingly and look without touching, even if it does feel an awful lot like an extensive exercise in hating himself.

- - -

Before transferring to SM High, Zitao was told that transfer students and international students have mysterious allure and should attract plenty of new friends without any problems, and looked forward greatly to the experience. When he got there, he sadly discovered that transfer and international students made up a significant portion of the general population, and any sort of appeal from it had already become more or less a novelty. So he sucked it up and made friends the old-fashioned way, awkwardly but (mostly) happily, and fell in with the likes of Byun Baekhyun, Lu Han, and Oh Sehun, who were almost as frustrating as they were fun, a bunch of kids that Zitao might have ended up hating if it weren’t for the fact that they’d ended up best friends. All of them are weird and quirky in their own ways, some more blatantly than others - Lu Han in particular has a certain infamy - but they get along well anyway.

Sometimes, Zitao goes with Sehun and Lu Han to watch basketball practices after school. Lu Han goes to support Minseok, Zitao goes to stare at Kris, and Sehun goes because he actually enjoys watching the sport, a concept which is mildly foreign to the other two. To keep up appearances, though, Zitao attempts to at least pretend as if he’s going out of appreciation for the sport and not to ogle the team captain, which often leads to awkward conversations where Sehun starts talking about point guards and traveling under the assumption that Zitao actually comprehends what the rules of the game are.

“Wow, Chanyeol’s playing small forward today? That’s kind of weird. Doesn’t he usually play power forward?” Sehun comments.

“Huh? Oh, yeah... weird...” Zitao echoes half-heartedly as his eyes follow Kris on the court. Kris is sweating a little, and the skin on his neck is glistening. Zitao normally hates feeling dirty, and hates it when other people look dirty, but somehow Kris manages to still look devastatingly attractive. His crush has already gotten to the point where he only hates himself a little bit for thinking weird things like this.

“ - should really keep him at his old position, I don’t think he’s as good at small forward.” Sehun pauses, before furrowing his brow and peering over at Zitao. “Are you okay? You seem really out of it.”

notice me this year (part ii)


“Huh? Oh, right. I was just... concentrating really hard on the game?” Zitao replies. Even he doesn’t think he sounds convincing, Sehun has never exactly been good at reading the atmosphere, so he just shrugs and continues on with his running commentary. Zitao replies with some noise of agreement every once in a while, and Sehun doesn’t even notice that Zitao is only staring at one player because he’s too distracted tugging at Lu Han and insisting that he sit down and stop cheering for Minseok so loudly because it’s starting to get too mortifying to watch.

Fifteen minutes left in practice, and for the first time Kris looks away from the court and up into the stands. For a split second, they seem to make eye contact and Zitao can feel his heart attempting to lodge itself up his throat. “He’s looking at me,” he murmurs deliriously, not even realizing he is speaking aloud. “Oh my god, Kris Wu looked at me. Strike me down now, lord, and let me die happy.”

“ - and that wasn’t a foul, it was - did you say something?” Sehun asks.

Zitao nearly jumps out of his seat. “Uh, nope, I didn’t say anything,” he answers, a bit too loudly.

“Minseok! You’re the best, baozi!” screams Lu Han, even though Minseok isn’t even on the court.

- - -

The first day of school, Zitao had wandered, lost, from the office where he received his schedule down the many hallways of SM High, unsure of exactly where he should go and on the brink of having a nervous breakdown, when he almost walked straight into a door pushed open by Kris Wu.

For one of the few times in his life since hitting puberty, Zitao looked up to stare at the stranger’s face, and he felt his heart flutter a little when their gazes met. “Sorry,” he’d said. “Are you alright?”

No, Zitao had wanted to say, you are sending me into cardiac arrest with your face. Stop that. This sort of perfection needs to be illegal. “Uh, yeah - I’m okay,” he replied. “Just, um, kind of lost. I’m new, so...”

He trailed off, cursing his inability to communicate without sounding as flustered as he felt. Kris, though, had calmly reached out and taken Zitao’s schedule from his right hand and looked it over. Zitao tried to not stare at Kris’s expression as he concentrated, serious, on the piece of paper.

“Oh, I see. You should be on the other end of the hall - it’s on the way to where I’m going anyway, so I’ll take you there.” And he smiled slightly as he handed the schedule back.

“Thank you,” Zitao managed to reply. “I... I really appreciate it.”

Kris shrugged and started walking. “Don’t mention it, no big deal.” There was a pause, and then he’d added, “What’s your name?”

“Huang Zitao.”

“Nice to meet you, then. My name’s Kris Wu.” They walked in silence for a few moments, Zitao unsure if he should say anything, when Kris suddenly said, “Here’s your classroom. I have to get going, but - I hope you like it here.”

It was irrevocable: Zitao was stupid in love.

- - -

notice me this year (part iii)

Zitao keeps very careful notes on Kris’s friends, taking a leaf from the book of the Spice Girls, who taught him that if you want to be somebody’s lover, you’ve got to get with their friends first. He has not yet bridged the gap to actual friendship with any of them, but he is firmly convinced that as long as he knows them well enough, actually striking up an acquaintanceship at the very least should be a manageable task.

First and foremost, there is Park Chanyeol, who is tall and lanky and Kris’s vice-captain on the basketball team. He does not have the position because of skill - he’s not bad, but he’s not great either - but rather because his cheerful, offbeat personality complements Kris’s style of leadership well. After the freshmen are done having their souls crushed by Kris’s criticisms, Chanyeol cheers them back up into functionality with encouragement, promises of team bonding over popsicles (these never actually happen, though somehow the freshmen still believe him every time he says that he swears he’ll remember to buy them for next Friday), and the hilarious expressions he seems to unintentionally make all the time. Chanyeol’s plenty popular in his own right, despite the fact that his facial muscles are entirely uncoordinated, but unlike Kris, he plays to his crowd with a sort of vivacity that makes it impossible for girls to be mad at him even though he’s never serious with them.

Then there is Minseok, a senior who is also on the team. He is laidback and cheerful and never seems to have a bad thing to say on the rare occasion that he speaks before being spoken to. Minseok is mostly famous around campus because on the second day of school, Lu Han had practically dropped his lunch and sprinted across the cafeteria just to reach over and pat Minseok’s cheeks affectionately. “They’re just like steamed buns,” Lu Han had repeated over and over again, mesmerized. “So adorable. So delicious-looking. Ahh, my neuroses are calming down just touching them.” Zitao had almost refused to associate publically with Lu Han because of that incident, but somehow, Lu Han had come out of it without being named a social pariah afterwards, and had even somehow managed to strike up a friendship with Minseok.

Next there is Yixing, who has a lazy, casual smile and brings his guitar to school almost every day. In Zitao’s opinion, having a guitar is a completely unfair advantage when it comes to getting people to fall for you, because it is somehow capable of getting people to come to you even if said people aren’t really that interested in music. From what he knows, Kris and Yixing have been friends before middle school. They are a study in opposites, because where Kris is serious and driven, Yixing is dreamy and absent-minded, and gives off the impression of somebody who has a lot of incomprehensible things going on in his head all the time.

Last, but not least, there’s Jongdae, a relatively new edition to the group. Jongdae is well-reputed to be an excellent singer, but where he truly shines is in the area of biting sarcasm. There is never a time when Jongdae does not have some sort of witty repartee to add to the conversation, and it is rumored that he is the person who writes for the anonymous advice column for the school newspaper, offering non-advice such as,“I highly recommend going on a spiritual retreat in the mountains and stand under ice-cold waterfalls to contemplate your new-found feelings. If that is not readily available, you can put on all your faux-furs (I know you have them, because for some reason everybody in this godforsaken school has them, even though they are trashy and tacky) and turn off the lights in your room to capture the feeling of roughing it in a dark, chilly cave, and simulate a waterfall by turning the shower to cold” when asked the question “I think I have feelings for a friend of mine... what should I do?”

notice me this year (part iv)


Out of all of Kris’s friends, the one that might be easiest to approach is Minseok, who is fairly close to Lu Han after said cheeks incident. That said, Zitao thinks he would be crippled by the second-hand embarrassment of all the things Lu Han does if he had to talk to Minseok one-on-one, even though he seems pretty unintimidating. The next on the list is probably Yixing, but Yixing is so notoriously spacy that attempting to get his attention is a difficult task even for his friends - it’s not because he’s mean, because he’s not at all, more so that his mind seems to exist on an entirely different plane than the rest of them.

Out of all of the options, Chanyeol is by far the most accessible, with a reputation for being cheerfully personable - he also has a fairly well-established friendship with Baekhyun, which is another bonus - but Zitao can sense a certain calculating air around him, and he is fairly certain that if he talked to Chanyeol for more than fifteen minutes that Chanyeol would begin to suspect that there were ulterior motives at play. And as for his last option: to be honest, Zitao thinks that initiating a conversation with Jongdae would be equally as nerve-wracking as one with Kris, though for entirely different reasons: while Kris is scarily attractive, Jongdae is scary because one always gets the vague feeling they are being teased, even if that’s not the case at all.

Zitao reconsiders his initial judgment of the situation and decides maybe attempting to get to Kris through his friends is, perhaps, not the way to go.

- - -

The day finally comes that his friends discover his crush when, one day at lunch while staring at Kris from across the cafeteria, he accidentally says, “Ugh, Kris Wu is perfect. Look at that lunch of his, it’s so healthy. I want him to feed me,” and doesn’t realize he’s said it aloud until Baekhyun bursts into laughter.

Zitao looks up, mortified, and checks that Baekhyun is the only one who heard. Judging from the lack of reaction from the others nearby, he seems to be in the safe, and he thanks god that Lu Han and Sehun have lunchroom cleanup duty after being caught skipping physical education that day.

“Aww, does our little Zitao have a crush on Kris Wu?” Baekhyun asks between peals of laughter. “That’s cute. No, but seriously, you two would be cute and hilariously awkward. I approve.”

“I don’t... I mean, I...”

But Baekhyun just pats him on the back with exaggerated affability. “It’s okay, Zitao. I understand. You don’t want me to tell anybody about your embarrassing crush. But you couldn’t pay me to not tell our friends about about your embarrassing crush.”

Zitao attempts to roll over and die, but fails and just ends up sinking his head into his hands and contemplating whether his parents will let him transfer again.

- - -

From: deer lulu
To: panda tao
I heard from Baek about yr crush it’s cute I promise I won’t tell anyone!!

From: panda tao
To: deer lulu
u better not or else

From: deer lulu
To: panda tao
omg I accidentally told Sehun please don’t do your martial arts thing to me!! mercyyyyyyy!!

From: milk with calsehun
To: panda tao
lol lu han just told me about your crush and lol im just lol

From: panda tao
To: deer lulu, milk with calsehun, eggs & baekhyun
wow i don’t like u guys

From: milk with calsehun
To: panda tao
lol u liar

notice me this year (part v)

- - -

Baekhyun, Lu Han, and Sehun start trying to set Zitao up in situations where interacting with Kris is unavoidable, such as sending them both notes to meet up at the same place, or putting Zitao’s things in places that Kris can commonly be found. Zitao spends day after exhausting day intercepting such plans before they can happen.

It’s three on one, though, so it’s probably inevitable that they succeed at some point: in History one morning, Zitao rummages through his things to realize that his notebook for the only class he doesn’t have that day is missing. Suspiciously, he glares over at Baekhyun, who sits three seats over, who just grins back a little too widely for Zitao’s comfort. He sighs and makes a mental note to look around for it during his lunch period, but by the time History is over, Baekhyun whisks him off to the cafeteria and won’t detach from Zitao no matter how hard he attempts to shake Baekhyun off. Failing that, he tries to get the location of his notebook out of Baekhyun, but months of half-hearted threats to use him as a practice dummy while being too gentle to even smash a fly has made all of Zitao’s friends impervious to such pressuring.

In between his last two classes of the afternoon, he is horrified to see Kris and his friends approaching him from down the hallway. He tries his very best to run away, but Sehun and Lu Han are suddenly holding onto his shoulders very, very tightly and Baekhyun gives him a look that seems to say mess this up now and you will live to regret it in more ways than one! Zitao swallows and hopes to god that Kris is just going to pass, but no such luck.

“Excuse me?” Kris asks.

Zitao weakly looks left and right, still entertaining the thought Kris might be talking to anybody but him. There is a part of him that is dying of excitement, but the rest of him is dying at the fact that they have to have their second conversation like this. “Uh... yes?” he replies, hesitantly.

“I,” Kris says, “you, um - this. It’s yours. Here.” And he hands over Zitao’s notebook as Jongdae and Yixing snigger heartily in the background.

Zitao, though, is completely blind and deaf to anything that is not Kris Wu. I think he’s sparkling, he thinks, oh god I’m going faint, stay focused, Huang Zitao, eyes on the prize! Mustering up all of his self-confidence, he turns his head to present to Kris his best angle (just a little tilted towards his left - he has spent many minutes staring at his mirror to determine this) and smiles widely, attempting to initiate eye contact. “Thank you,” he says. “I really appreciate it, I had no idea where I lost it.”

Kris, though, seems impervious to his attempts at achieving maximum attractiveness. “You’re welcome. No problem,” he says, and shoves his hands into his pockets. He gives a little nod as farewell before turning, Jongdae, Yixing, and Chanyeol following suit.

Lu Han and Sehun release their grip on him; it’s not until they let go that Zitao realizes how hard they were holding onto him and he winces. “That could have gone worse,” Baekhyun says, attempting to be consoling and diplomatic.

“Please do not try to interfere with my lack of a love life like that ever again, please and thank you,” Zitao says.

Of course they attempt to interfere with his lack of a love life again, though.

notice me this year (part vi)

- - -

From: eggs & baekhyun
To: panda tao
Party @ 10:30, Saturday night, Joonmyun’s house.
Do you know where it is? Let’s go together!

From: panda tao
To: eggs & baekhyun
but parties at ppls houses i don’t know well are weird!!
i don’t really want to go...

From: eggs & baekhyun
To: panda tao
You do know Joonmyun is the manager of the basketball team, right?
Soooo... I’m sure Kris Wu will be there. JUST SAYING.

From: panda tao
To: eggs & baekhyun
i’m going over to your house at 9 tomorrow night so we can go together omg

- - -

Zitao ends up spending far too much time choosing an outfit when he ends up wearing one of the only three outfits he ever wears when he goes to parties: black skinny jeans and a metallic tank top. Baekhyun attempts to come at him with his eyeliner, but Zitao fends him off.

“Looking good!” Lu Han chirps when he and Sehun arrive at Baekhyun’s house, giving him an encouraging thumbs-up.

Sehun, though, snorts. “What are you talking about, he looks exactly the same at every party.”

Everybody ignores him. “I’m getting a good feeling about tonight for you, Zitao,” Lu Han says. “I can tell just tell that tonight is going to be your night.”

“What do you think of my night?” Baekhyun asks.

Lu Han tilts his head and considers it. “You’re going to make out with somebody you don’t think is that hot but you’ll like it anyway,” Lu Han decides.

Baekhyun rolls his eyes and reaches over to gently shove at Lu Han. “I asked for my fortune, not yours.”

“I would never,” Lu Han says.

Sehun nudges Lu Han with his elbow and says, “That’s ‘cause the only person he wants to make out with is Minseok and his cheeks.”

Lu Han looks scandalized. “I wouldn’t defile his cheeks like that, you pervert!”

“Alright, girls, let’s stop arguing and get a move on,” Baekhyun says, and pushes them out the door.

notice me this year (part vii)


- - -

Zitao isn’t really a fan of parties, as he’s not especially into drinking, as he is always afraid he’ll do something humiliating and regretting it for the rest of his high school life, nor does he particularly enjoy having drunk people hang off of him. Truthfully, he and Sehun and Baekhyun spend most of their time at parties taking turns at stopping Lu Han from crossing paths with any strangers who look like they might offer him suspicious drinks - even though his face is angelic, he is extremely distrustful of anybody who gives him something at a party, and has been known to toss drinks into peoples’ dumbfounded faces and asking, “Do you think I’m an idiot? I have no idea where that drink’s been.” It is exhausting work.

In the middle of one of his breaks from monitoring the Lu Han situation, he stands in front of a table with snacks scattered across it messily with Baekhyun. He wrinkles his nose and asks, “Do you think those pretzels look okay?”

Baekhyun gives the table a careful once-over and shakes his head. “There is a puddle of weird, unidentifiable liquids next to them. I wouldn’t risk it if I were you.”

Zitao sighs forlornly. He knew this party was a bad idea. “This sucks,” he announces.

“The night’s young, it could get better,” Baekhyun says.

“You say that every time. It usually doesn’t get better.”

Baekhyun offers Zitao his solo cup (some sort of fruit drink mixed with vodka, if Zitao knows Baekhyun’s tastes well enough) as consolement. Zitao debates the likelihood that one mixed drink will get him drunk enough to do something dumb on the off chance he bumps into Kris, decides that they’re low enough, and downs the whole thing as fast as he can.

Just as he hands the cup back, though, he notices Baekhyun is staring very intensely right behind his right shoulder. Before he can ask, Baekhyun takes the cup back and pushes Zitao as hard as he can and runs off. Zitao is so caught off-guard that he stumbles back three, four steps, smashing his back straight into somebody’s chest.

“Ugh, I’m so sorry, I got shoved -” Zitao starts to say, but then he turns and there is Kris Wu right in front of him. His jaw drops, and it takes him a second to make enough brain cells work to finish that sentence. “And, uh, I didn’t mean to run right into your chest - uh, I mean, into you.”

“That’s okay,” Kris says. “It happens.”

“Um, sorry again. Really.” Zitao can’t decide if he wants to run or not, and decides there is nothing to lose in continuing this already slightly horrifyingly embarrassing conversation. “You’re Kris. You returned my notebook that one time.” A pause. “I don’t think I introduced himself, though?”

“Your name is Huang Zitao. Of course I knew that.” Kris pauses, and then adds on, “I mean, you’re pretty well-known, right?”

“Am I really?” Zitao asks, genuinely confused.

“Well, you hang out with Byun Baekhyun and Oh Sehun and Lu Han’s crowd a lot, don’t you?”

That Kris might know Baekhyun doesn’t really surprise him, because Baekhyun’s actually fairly popular and well-liked, but the idea of him knowing Sehun - one of the most socially dense human beings Zitao thinks he has ever met in his entire life - is positively mind-boggling to Zitao. Even more, though, he’s surprised that Kris hasn’t been scared away by his association with Lu Han, the guy who has a perverse interest in Minseok’s cheeks, posts Manchester United fliers across the halls whenever they have a major match and gets into arguments with Kim Jongin over which British football team is superior, and openly declared his candidacy for one of the positions in their city’s official Cassiopeia fanclub. He had secretly been hoping that somehow, Kris had completely failed to notice that he and Lu Han hang out all the time.

What take the cake, though, is the fact that Kris somehow manages to remember who Zitao is, because Zitao mostly spends all his time not studying just lying around and fantasizing about Kris holding hands with him and working out his frustration by doing yoga and going to his wushu lessons. Although, he does suppose he still has a certain infamy for crying whenever documentaries are shown in history classes. “Uh, I guess so,” Zitao replies, a little too taken aback to say much else.

notice me this year (part viii)

“And we met before, anyway,” Kris says. “I think it must’ve been on your first day here? You were lost.”

“You remember that?” Zitao asks, a little too quickly, before he bites his lip a little and says, “I, um, didn’t really get to say how much I appreciated it, back then. But I did. A lot. So... thanks.” He has never felt so ineloquent as he does in this moment.

“You’re welcome,” Kris replies, and smiles slightly. Zitao can feel his heart thumping erratically and wonders why the room seems to be getting so much smaller around him.

They stand, awkwardly silent as the party blares around them. Zitao doesn’t know what to say. Kris probably doesn’t, either. He realizes suddenly that this could be a make or break moment about to slip away, and so he musters up his courage and says, “Okay, so, I don’t know how to say this without sounding really creepy and weird but I think you’re really cool and nice and, um. I’d like to get to know you better. If that’s alright with you.”

For a few moments, he thinks Kris is staring at him with something akin to disgust, but then he just laughs gently and smiles. Zitao suddenly realizes that he has never seen Kris smile so widely before, and to be honest, it makes his face look a little goofy. “I’d like that,” Kris replies. “I think I’d like that a lot, actually. I was thinking about asking the same thing, but - I guess you’re braver than I am.”

Zitao fights the urge to blush. “Not really,” he says. “Maybe a little less self-inhibited. Uh, not to say that you’re repressed or anything.”

“To be fair, I think my friends would say I’m really repressed,” Kris admits.

In response, Zitao just holds his hand out and says, “Phone, please? I’ll put in my number.”

So Kris hands over his phone and Zitao keys in his contacts quickly before returning to it, then puts Kris’s number into his own phone. He can feel his heart palpitating as this goes on, and instead of making him nervous like it usually does, it instead makes him feel warm and tingly.

They spend the rest of the night hanging out together, and it’s completely friendly with maybe only a little bit of flirting - Zitao’s not really sure if it counts - and he feels happy and light and bubbly, like he’s living some sort of weird daydream come to life. He loses track of his friends, but it’s okay, because Kris offers to take him home and they make plans to eat lunch together sometime that week and it’s not like they’ve fallen in love but it’s a step and it’s more than Zitao had hoped for, to be honest.

That night, he goes to sleep thinking to himself, anything in this world really is possible, and he is content with life.

- - -

You have: 8 missed calls, 9 unread texts.

From: eggs & baekhyun
To: panda tao
Where are you?? Code red on the Lu Han front need backup asap, meet up in the living room

From: milk with calsehun
To: panda tao
lol u just missed lu han soakin this poor dudes pants lol right over the crotch thats gotta be humiliating

From: eggs & baekhyun
To: panda tao
some help you are. god. You’d better be getting into Kris Wu’s pants or I won’t forgive you

From: deer lulu
To: panda tao
WHERE ARE YOU. ugh. this creeper just tried to offer me a drink.
you r supposed to be here to wushu these people away from us

From: eggs & baekhyun
To: panda tao

From: milk with calsehun
To: panda tao
baek says ur gettin some from kris
im proud son

From: deer lulu
To: panda tao
omg zitao be safe
do you have condoms??
did you drink a lot??
you can’t legally give consent if ur drunk!!
i only ask bc i care zitao!!

From: eggs & baekhyun
To: panda tao
if you don’t answer in 20 mins we’re leaving without you
call if you need us ok? we’ll get you no matter what happens

From: Wu Fan
To: Huang Zitao
Good morning.

Zitao smiles to himself as he reads over his texts, then rolls over on his bed as he types out a reply:

To: Wu Fan
From: Huang Zitao
Good morning! How are you?


lol please don't take anything about this seriously, least of all the characterization

i hope you enjoy it anyway op!!

Re: notice me this year (part viii)

Screaming because this is the cutest and funniest thing and I want to squish all of them. Really really cute. :)

Re: notice me this year (part viii)

crying anon this is lovely and cute and hilarious and weirdly relatable. cackling at xiuhan forever. and "i’m going over to your house at 9 tomorrow night so we can go together omg" holy shit hahahaha i died tbh. and the good morning's are adorable and jsdhfdkhfksj idek crying. thank you for writing this was incredibly enjoyable. ♥

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