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lost and founds snsd, tiffany/sunny
Unlucky exo, kris/suho
how I like my coffee exo kai/d.o.
does running away mean we're acccepted, finally? shinee, key/onew
shut up and let me pay the rent exo, baekhyun/d.o
lik a child exo, suho/kai
Complication exo, sehun/luhan
deep down 4minute, jiyoon-centric, jiyoon/gayoon
untitled exo, chanyeol
i can write my fears and you can tame them snsd, sooyoung/yuri
words big bang, gd-centric
As They Should Be exo, Kris/Lay, Lu Han/Lay
points exo, luhan/lay
dildo affairs sehun/baekhyun
rounded edge infinite, sungjong/l
hydrogen in our veins infinite, sungjong/hoya
Got Da Beatz EXO, Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
I'll Be Yours, If You'll Be Mine (For Tonight) exo, chen/lu han
sanctuary exo
Mr and Mrs Campus dbsk/snsd, changmin/jessica
degrees of mutual fascination; exo, suho/chen
giving in luhan/exo-k
Not Good Enough exo/snsd, baekhyun/taeyeon
ballad banter fly to the sky, brian/hwanhee
First Date Disaster exo, sehun/suho
fruitful yoga exercises exo, tao/baekhyun
fall back on big bang, daesung/g-dragon
untitled exo, sehun/luhan
single bells exo/f(x), kai/krystal
howling for the moon exo, kai/suho
Arms Like Yours EXO, platonic Taoris
With the Sweetest Smile (You told me a lie) snsd, jessica/tiffany
scenes with food exo, kris/luhan
winning love by daylight reply 1997, siwon/yoonjae
fabricated exo, lu han/sehun
kites were made for two suuper junior/snsd, eunhyuk/hyoyeon
time to go exo, sehun/luhan
Surprise EXO, Kris/Chanyeol
just perfect exo, xiumin/chen
untitiled exo, kris/suho
Too Much to Handle EXO, Tao/Kris
this close exo, kris/baekhyun
can count the ways on my two hands nu'est/glam, baekho/miso
grace under pressure exo, suho/tao
something of their own exo, suho/kai

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exo, kris/lay/luhan

kris lay luhan threesome(with luhan getting jealous over too many kray action lately). anything hot and sexy. /some fluff in between would be great too.

no angst please, i've read too much angst fic of my ot3.

samgyeopsal and soju (1/2)

Lu Han is bored. It’s their first day off in forever, away from the cameras and thick stuffy costumes, and all he wants to do is to curl up in and sleep all day, but it was just his luck that a package full of delicious sweets from his fans arrived on their doorstep this morning. Eating half of the snacks in one sitting left him with nothing but restless energy and the itch to do something. He has been glued to the couch for the last two hours while Minseok and Jongdae are off to see their families and Zitao is on a movie date with Jongin and Taemin. The fact that Yixing and Wu Fan are nowhere to be found since he woke up do nothing to relieve his irritation.

Fortunately, halfway through the ninth consecutive episode of Running Man reruns, Lu Han hears the front door opening and someone hissing “Shhh!” followed by what sounds like giggling. He untangles his feet from the couch pillows and gets up, demands to know where they were ready on his lips until he sees Wu Fan and Yixing in tipping over onto the shoe rack.

"What are you guys doing?” Lu Han asks, heading over to them.

"Well, let's see," Wu Fan grunts, bracing one arm against the wall and other wrapping tight around Yixing’s shoulders. "Yixing being deadweight and me being in pain." He grimaces as he maneuvers Yixing against the wall and removes Zitao’s spike studded boot from where it’s digging into his side.

Yixing starts giggling again and slides down until he’s sitting on the floor. Lu Han bends down and peers closely at him.

"Yixing, you are drunk.” Yixing smiles sweetly up at him and leans against his legs for support. “And so are you,” he comments, eying the way Wu Fan is flushed and disheveled. “You guys went drinking?” Without me? left unsaid, but he lets it shows on his face.

"We just wanted to eat some samgyeopsal," Wu Fan sighs. “Then Yixing started ordering soju because we both forgot what a lightweight he is.”

“Oh,” Lu Han says. That doesn’t explain why they didn’t bring him along, especially he was expecting the highlight of his day to be finding the two of them sleeping late on their little setup in the living room and using the excuse of the heat to snuggle up against them for an afternoon nap.

“Lu Han?”

"What?" Lu Han snaps.

“Are you going to help me get him to bed?” Wu Fan gestures at Yixing who is dozing off with his cheek pressed against Lu Han’s knees.

After a lot of flailing limbs and painful collisions with corners and door knobs, Lu Han and Wu Fan hauls Yixing into the room he shares with Jongdae and onto his bed. The trip jostles Yixing’s energy anew and when Lu Han lies down next to him to catch his breath Yixing clambers on top of him immediately. It’s all coming back to him and Wu Fan now; Yixing is a lightweight and an obnoxiously cuddly drunk.

"Long time no see, Xiao Lu," Yixing says, grinning. Lu Han wants make some indirect comment about abandonment but Yixing’s looking at him to fondly Lu Han settles for pinching his cheek.

He sees Wu Fan looking at them over Yixing’s shoulder, shaking his head. When he moves to leave the room, Yixing gets off of Lu Han suspiciously fast for drunken reflexes to stop him.

"Where are you going?" Yixing asks blearily, hands bunching in the front of Wu Fan’s shirt. Wu Fan shrugs and Yixing pulls him down, vertigo aided by intoxication until the two of them falls back on the bed in a heap. They fidget around until Yixing is on top of Wu Fan (and wonders if maybe this is some new drunk Yixing thing) and that’s when Yixing frames Wu Fan’s face with his hands, kissing him with fervor.

This isn’t the first time Lu Han has watched them make out, but they’re being sloppier than usual undoubtly due to the alcohol so he sits up to get a better look. There is a bit of that sinking feeling in his stomach again, the one he felt waking up this morning with neither of them around, but it’s mixed with his libido stirring in interest. When Yixing does that thing where he pauses his movements to sticks his tongue as far down Wu Fan’s throat as he can, Lu Han gives up and starts rubbing himself through his sweat pants.

samgyeopsal and soju (2/3 oops)

As subtle as he is, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Wu Fan and Yixing extricate themselves from each other, but Lu Han doesn’t miss Wu Fan’s hand trailing down Yixing’s back to his ass as Yixing shifts away from him towards Lu Han. Yixing moves as close as possible into Lu Han’s personal space and sits back on his heel as if waiting for permission. Feeling petulant, Lu Han makes no move to response, only raising his eyebrows slightly, but he thinks Yixing is too drunk to sense his mood because all he got back was a blank stare. Wu Fan, on the other hand, seems to get the idea and is looking at him expectantly.

When Lu Han finally puckers up, Yixing is on him immediately, sliding their mouths together, licking along his lips before slipping his tongue inside. Lu Han leaves his eyes open, never breaking eye contact with Wu Fan as he winds his arms around Yixing’s shoulders, pulling him into his lap. Meanwhile, Wu Fan is undressing slowly behind them, fingers fumbling with his buttons.

Yixing pulls away from Lu Han just as Wu Fan get rid of his jeans to tug Lu Han’s t-shirt over his head and off. He moves off Lu Han’s lap to trail kisses down his chest, circling a nipple with his tongue and making Lu Han moan. But he can’t make noises for long because Wu Fan is right next to him, grabbing his chin and kissing him roughly. The way Wu Fan bites and pulls at his lip is so different from Yixing’s sweet kisses, but both turns him on more than anything ever had. He’s trying to slobber all over Wu Fan and Yixing taps his hip, telling him to lift his hips up. When he complies, Yixing yanks his sweat pants and underwear down in one swift move, and Lu Han hopes to gods Jongdae stays out late so Lu Han doesn’t have to hear him complaining about finding his bandmates mid-coitus in his room for weeks again.

He doesn’t have much time to think about the well-being of Jongdae’s eyes because Yixing’s warm mouth is closing over the head of his cock, a tongue exploring the exposed flesh. While Yixing slides his mouth down his shaft, adding teasing licks at the slit, Wu Fan is pinching his nipples.

“You know, you guys are being really attentive today,” he remarks and promptly lost himself in the sensations as Yixing swallows him deeper, pretending he doesn’t hear Wu Fan snorting in reply. He’s almost glad when he hears Wu Fan telling Yixing to stop because he doesn’t know if he can’t hold his orgasm at bay any longer if it continues.

samgyeopsal and soju (3/3)

Before he can reach for either of their dicks Wu Fan is pushing down on his back. Lu Han sees him leaning over to tell Yixing something in a whisper, and the next thing Yixing is straddling his head while his own his bent over Lu Han’s crotch again. There is a pause when Yixing is still and Lu Han can’t see where Wu Fan is in the room. He reaches a hand up to stroke Yixing slowly, waiting to see what their next move is. What happens next he feels rather than see, as Wu Fan’s large hands hold his thighs and spread them apart as a body moves to sit between them, another cock bumping his own.

Lu Han can already guess what is about happen but it doesn’t stop him from gasping loudly when Wu Fan slides a lubed finger into him. And he doesn’t know if it can get any better when he feels Yixing’s hand holding his and Wu Fan’s dicks together, jerking up and down and licking enthusiastically at both simultaneously. Lu Han sucks in a breath and leans up to take Yixing’s cock in as far as he can. He swallows when it hits the back of his throat, groaning at the same time so that Yixing lets out a series of helpless whines, body twitching above him.
"You two look so hot,” Wu Fan says in an appreciative voice. He’s adding another finger, as if the sight of them is making him impatient. Lu Han grinds his hips down on Wu Fan’s fingers, filling so good, and up to Yixing’s mouth, rubbing his cock deliciously with Wu Fan’s.

After Wu Fan adds the third finger and fucks them into him for what seemed like ages, Lu Han finally hears the telltale tearing of a condom package. He looks down to see Yixing rolling it onto Wu Fan’s dick, and then Yixing is moving off him. Wu Fan replaces his presence by covering Lu Han’s body with his own and balancing his weight on his forearms.

“Ready?” Wu Fan asks, and Lu Han smiles at him in reply, his arms up over his head and curling his fingers the headboard of the bed. He’s prepared when Wu Fan pushes in, when Wu Fan is all the way inside, he leans down and kisses Lu Han’s forehead. He looks up to see Yixing sitting on the left side of his head, stroking his hair.

“I know you are sulking,” Yixing says softly. Lu Han thinks he’s completely sober now as he runs his hand down Lu Han’s arm, searching for a hand to hold because Yixing is mushy like that. “We didn’t mean to leave you out. We thought you were tired and wanted to sleep. Sorry, Lu Han.”

As if they timed it, Wu Fan begins to move, uncharacteristically gentle by adding a little twist of his hips to stretch Lu Han more. Lu Han feels the movement in ripples, spreading over his body. He pulls Yixing down until Yixing lying on his next to him, one hand intertwine with Lu Han’s hand as the other one jack himself off. Yixing kisses the side of Lu Han’s face, his chin, his nose, his mouth, swallowing his moans, until Lu Han’s upper body curls towards him while Lu Han’s legs tighter around Wu Fan’s waist, lifting his hips to answer the increasingly strong thrusts. He thinks he hears Yixing whispering we love you against his skin. Maybe, maybe not, but heat pools in his stomach regardless and he comes as Wu Fan fucks him through it. Lu Han wonders if he can just melt into them right then and there, and he sort of wish he will.

Wu Fan hikes Lu Han’s legs up higher and leans down until he’s trail his lips up Lu Han’s jaw to where Lu Han and Yixing are suck at each other’s lips. He pauses for a brief moment before licking at both of their mouths until their tongues are all entangling together, wet and hot. He pounds into Lu Han harder and harder, slamming into his body so all of them can hear the impact, and orgasms with a groan. Yixing comes last, working his hand faster as the other two turn their focus on him, kissing him breathless.

“Actually this was a thousand times better than eating samgyeopsal. I should make you guys feel guilty more often,” Lu Han tells Yixing and Wu Fan as they lie boneless and satiated in the afterglow on Yixing’s bed (well, more like Yixing and Lu Han laid together while Wu Fan was forced to put on clothes and sit on Jongdae’s bed because he’s too big to fit).

i'm sorry it got too mushy at the end. i don't know how to do jealousy without the drama ;;

Re: samgyeopsal and soju (3/3)

not op but i really loved this! i love how you wrote their dynamics and well, more like Yixing and Lu Han laid together while Wu Fan was forced to put on clothes and sit on Jongdae’s bed because he’s too big to fit perfect mushy ending tbh :3

Re: samgyeopsal and soju (3/3)


Re: samgyeopsal and soju (3/3)

op here! omg thank you!!love you /showers with kisses

Re: samgyeopsal and soju (3/3)

unfffuahf gj anon. so sad this doesn't exist on video right now.

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