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post #15
lost and founds snsd, tiffany/sunny
Unlucky exo, kris/suho
how I like my coffee exo kai/d.o.
does running away mean we're acccepted, finally? shinee, key/onew
shut up and let me pay the rent exo, baekhyun/d.o
lik a child exo, suho/kai
Complication exo, sehun/luhan
deep down 4minute, jiyoon-centric, jiyoon/gayoon
untitled exo, chanyeol
i can write my fears and you can tame them snsd, sooyoung/yuri
words big bang, gd-centric
As They Should Be exo, Kris/Lay, Lu Han/Lay
points exo, luhan/lay
dildo affairs sehun/baekhyun
rounded edge infinite, sungjong/l
hydrogen in our veins infinite, sungjong/hoya
Got Da Beatz EXO, Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
I'll Be Yours, If You'll Be Mine (For Tonight) exo, chen/lu han
sanctuary exo
Mr and Mrs Campus dbsk/snsd, changmin/jessica
degrees of mutual fascination; exo, suho/chen
giving in luhan/exo-k
Not Good Enough exo/snsd, baekhyun/taeyeon
ballad banter fly to the sky, brian/hwanhee
First Date Disaster exo, sehun/suho
fruitful yoga exercises exo, tao/baekhyun
fall back on big bang, daesung/g-dragon
untitled exo, sehun/luhan
single bells exo/f(x), kai/krystal
howling for the moon exo, kai/suho
Arms Like Yours EXO, platonic Taoris
With the Sweetest Smile (You told me a lie) snsd, jessica/tiffany
scenes with food exo, kris/luhan
winning love by daylight reply 1997, siwon/yoonjae
fabricated exo, lu han/sehun
kites were made for two suuper junior/snsd, eunhyuk/hyoyeon
time to go exo, sehun/luhan
Surprise EXO, Kris/Chanyeol
just perfect exo, xiumin/chen
untitiled exo, kris/suho
Too Much to Handle EXO, Tao/Kris
this close exo, kris/baekhyun
can count the ways on my two hands nu'est/glam, baekho/miso
grace under pressure exo, suho/tao
something of their own exo, suho/kai

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EXO, chen/xiumin/tao

The two of them running the Official Korean Fanclub for Tao's Butt and Thighs.

Unf,” says Chen as he clicks the upload button. “Look at that glorious butt. Look at those thunder thighs. The fangirls are gonna go crazy. Hell, even I’m going a little crazy right now.”

“You know, I’m still not entirely sure that this is an okay thing for us to do,” Xiumin says, even as he’s putting his SD card back into his digital camera. “I mean, as nice as that ass is, he’s still our bandmate and we’re kinda violating his privacy.”

“Who cares about morals? We’re gonna be so Tumblr famous after this.” And then Chen laughs a little as he submits a post (“a photoset dedicated to EXO’s loveliest ass and thighs ♥”) and waits for the notes to come rolling in.

that's it, i'm dead.

OP here!

Teeheehee I'm cracking up so hard at waits for the notes to come rolling in . You're my favourite person anon ^-^

Re: OP here!

seoulfulness mod, is that you?? ;u;

Re: OP here!

Hahaha no? I'm a just a passing stranger who likes to think about EXO being on Tumblr.

omg A+

i died good job

keeping this in my pocket thanks ;;

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