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lost and founds snsd, tiffany/sunny
Unlucky exo, kris/suho
how I like my coffee exo kai/d.o.
does running away mean we're acccepted, finally? shinee, key/onew
shut up and let me pay the rent exo, baekhyun/d.o
lik a child exo, suho/kai
Complication exo, sehun/luhan
deep down 4minute, jiyoon-centric, jiyoon/gayoon
untitled exo, chanyeol
i can write my fears and you can tame them snsd, sooyoung/yuri
words big bang, gd-centric
As They Should Be exo, Kris/Lay, Lu Han/Lay
points exo, luhan/lay
dildo affairs sehun/baekhyun
rounded edge infinite, sungjong/l
hydrogen in our veins infinite, sungjong/hoya
Got Da Beatz EXO, Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
I'll Be Yours, If You'll Be Mine (For Tonight) exo, chen/lu han
sanctuary exo
Mr and Mrs Campus dbsk/snsd, changmin/jessica
degrees of mutual fascination; exo, suho/chen
giving in luhan/exo-k
Not Good Enough exo/snsd, baekhyun/taeyeon
ballad banter fly to the sky, brian/hwanhee
First Date Disaster exo, sehun/suho
fruitful yoga exercises exo, tao/baekhyun
fall back on big bang, daesung/g-dragon
untitled exo, sehun/luhan
single bells exo/f(x), kai/krystal
howling for the moon exo, kai/suho
Arms Like Yours EXO, platonic Taoris
With the Sweetest Smile (You told me a lie) snsd, jessica/tiffany
scenes with food exo, kris/luhan
winning love by daylight reply 1997, siwon/yoonjae
fabricated exo, lu han/sehun
kites were made for two suuper junior/snsd, eunhyuk/hyoyeon
time to go exo, sehun/luhan
Surprise EXO, Kris/Chanyeol
just perfect exo, xiumin/chen
untitiled exo, kris/suho
Too Much to Handle EXO, Tao/Kris
this close exo, kris/baekhyun
can count the ways on my two hands nu'est/glam, baekho/miso
grace under pressure exo, suho/tao
something of their own exo, suho/kai

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infinite, hoya/sunggyu

sunggyu tops from the bottom, using hoya's body for his own pleasure.

give a little, get a lot (1/2)

prerequisite i'm sorry if this sucks, it has been actual countable years since i last wrote porn and i didn't really proofread either

but i really liked this prompt so, yep, here it is


For all that Sunggyu is strict with them, he is rarely actually upset, so when he storms into the dorm and slams the door behind him, Hoya knows there must be something really, really wrong. He sets his script down and asks, “Are you alright, hyung?”

Sunggyu huffs and frowns. “Do I look okay to you?” he snaps back.

“I was just asking,” Hoya replies evenly. There’s a pause before he asks, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Suddenly, Sunggyu’s sour expression turns into a positively angelic smile and Hoya feels a creeping sense that he doesn’t know what he’s just done to himself.

- - -

Fifteen minutes later, the both of them are shirtless and Sunggyu loosely straddling Hoya’s waist. Hoya leaves a trail of kisses along his jawline, but he stops when Sunggyu practically snarls and demands, “Bite me.”

Surprised, Hoya looks up - Sunggyu always complains when he leaves marks, insists that covering them up is more trouble than they’re worth. “Are you sure it’s alright?” he asks.

In response, Sunggyu starts undoing Hoya’s belt buckle - “Don’t make me repeat myself,” he says, so Hoya bites at the side of Sunggyu’s neck and the sound that Sunggyu makes goes straight to his crotch. He leaves another mark on Sunggyu’s collarbone, and is rewarded when Sunggyu slips a hand into his pants. He sighs heavily; Sunggyu smiles in a way that should make him vaguely nervous, except Sunggyu starts stroking lightly and any anxiousness is quickly replaced with arousal.

“We can skip the rest of the foreplay just this once, right?” Sunggyu asks, in a tone that suggests his request is more of an order than anything else.

“Whatever’s okay with me,” Hoya replies, so Sunggyu reaches over to grab the lube and hands it over. Hoya uncaps it and squeezes a generous amount onto his fingers, then reaches around Sunggyu’s back to press at his entrance.

“Ready?” he asks, and Sunggyu hums his approval. Slowly, he puts a finger in, then a second, mindful of being as gentle as possible. He crooks his finger just slightly, brushing against where he knows from experience Sunggyu’s prostate is, and is rewarded with a low keening noise.

“Hurry up,” Sunggyu breathes, so Hoya acquiesces and pulls out before pushing three of his fingers in, but after a few moments Sunggyu snaps at him, “You’re still not going fast enough.” He snatches the bottle out of Hoya’s hands before pushing Hoya’s back into the bedsheets. and gives Hoya’s dick a coating of lube before he sits back, carefully maneuvering so gravity helps sink Hoya inside him.

Hoya opens his mouth and is about to insist they should go slower, that Sunggyu needs more preparation for this, but his concern is flooded and overtaken by pleasure as Sunggyu starts riding him.

“Ah, Hoya,” Sunggyu moans, and Hoya can’t quite force out a reply, because any blood in his brain seems to have drained straight downwards, so that he can barely manage coordinating his thrusts with Sunggyu’s - stringing together actual words is an impossibility. All he can register is the sound of Sunggyu’s voice, panting, groaning Hoya’s name in between incoherent noises, the tightness of Sunggyu’s hole around him, the sight of Sunggyu fucking himself on his cock so roughly - when Sunggyu reaches down and starts stroking his own dick Hoya swears he might actually explode, because goddammit this is all such an incredible turn-on and if this is what Sunggyu gets like when he’s irritated then he thinks he would be very, very okay with Sunggyu getting angry at him from now on.

“I think I’m gonna come,” Hoya manages to choke out.

“You can’t,” Sunggyu orders him, voice rough and uneven, but still commanding. “You’re not allowed yet, not until I say you can.”

Hoya tries to make an appeal but Sunggyu just glares and he shuts his mouth and concentrates very, very hard on not finishing. It’s difficult, because Sunggyu keeps making these noises, and seems to be grinding his hips down harder with every thrust, and even the thought of his grandmother in her panties does nothing to quell his pressing need to come, let alone distract him from watching his dick sinking into and out of Sunggyu’s ass as Sunggyu touches himself.

Finally, after far far far too long waiting, Sunggyu leans over and breathes into his ear, “Okay, now,” and Hoya comes so hard that he sees white for a few moments, and only knows that Sunggyu follows by the obscene moan he makes and the feeling of stray splatters of cum on his stomach. He hears Sunggyu sigh before he rolls off of Hoya and lies down next to him. After he catches his breath and his vision starts getting clear again, Hoya puts an arm around Sunggyu’s waist, because he knows Sunggyu is a big fan of post-coital cuddling.

“Feeling better?” Hoya asks, because for all the sex was mind-blowingly great for him, there wasn’t much point, he thinks, if it didn’t even manage to make Sunggyu less irritated.

“Yeah,” Sunggyu replies, and affectionately nuzzles his face into the crook of Hoya’s shoulder. It’s almost as if some sort of switch has turned on and sexy-pissed-off-Sunggyu has turned back into normal(-still-sexy-but-not-angry-sexy)-Sunggyu. “You’re too good to me, you know that?” Sunggyu says.

“Not at all,” Hoya replies, and he really means it.

oh anon!! don't apologize because this definitely does not suck!! it was hot and amazing and everything that i wanted to read.

“You can’t,” Sunggyu orders him, voice rough and uneven, but still commanding.

hnnnnnng, i can imagine him saying this so clearly. bossy gyu who just wants cock and doesn't care one iota for anything outside of his own pleasure. fuck fuck fuck fuck, what a glorious image.

thanks so much for filling, anon. ♥ i'm glad my prompt was ~intriguing~ enough to warrant your return to smut. i hope we will see more from you in the future....? ;3

good lord this was hot, if this is you out of practice then damn

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