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Hello Everyone!

As you can see the most recent post (#29) only had three new fics! Ahh, this is saddening and after I had left it up for two weeks.

So I am here to ask you for your advice as far as the posting schedule goes. Please fill out the following poll!

Poll #1904150 Posting Schedule
This poll is closed.

How often should new posts me made?

Every week
Every two weeks
Every Month
Other, I'll tell you in the comments

And what else do you think we can do to keep our community alive? Please leave comments and suggestions! ^____^

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I think sticking to every two weeks (or longer)for now is the best thing to do, until there starts to be more fills.

I also think you may have to do another round of advertising. I know a lot of people thought the comm was dead when you were on hiatus. And a lot of them wouldn't check back for updates, so you may need to put the word out that the comm is back up and running. So in other kpop fanfiction comms on here and maybe those on tumblr as well.

How about putting up a sort of masterlist type post that has a list of all the unfilled prompts. A lot of the older ones from previous entries have been left to sit unfilled. I know some writers may take a look at the list of unfilled prompts and decide to write for some of them, but right now it's too much hassle for them to backtrack through every entry to find a prompt that takes their interest.

+1 if sorted by group, this could be a great idea.

Definitely need to re advertise. Ideally, the comm should be advertised every few months anyway.

Also, the posting schedule needs to be made very clear. No one will use the comm if they think you're ignoring or nit posting on time.

yes, all the people above have it right. i think you need to do three things to keep seoulfulness alive:

- advertise. after such a long hiatus, and such a long period since the last round of advertising, i think most people have forgotten seoulfulness exists. advertise not just on the memes but also on fic communities, tumblr, etc.

- update the delicious!!! make sure that it's complete and accurate and maybe even consider mentioning the fact that there are a wide variety of unfilled prompts in the advertisements.

- be consistent with updates, and make a post explaining yourself if the update schedule is going to change. people are going to leave if they think the mods have abandoned us again.

- maybe have an event? idk, maybe a weekend-long fic-a-thon or something, where anons try to fill as many old prompts as possible. just an idea, but an event would probably help grab people's interest.

Well, the delicious isn't run by the mod(s) of this account, so they probably can't do anything about that one... :)

But as other commenters said, an up-to-date archive would be good! (To the mod: I know you'd probably get quite a few volunteers, but I'd be up for helping by compiling requests! List-making is sort of an odd hobby of mine and I've got a bunch of free time at the moment, so a project to keep me from falling asleep at work is very welcome.)

I also like the sound of a fic-a-thon type event to help jumpstart things!

either every week or every two weeks, but i also think it's really important that you keep the schedule. announce future hiatuses, so that people know if anything.

i also agree with the advertising. i know that exo have their own version of this now, so naturally exo fans would go there and a lot of fills and prompts in the past seemed to be for exo?

listing unfilled prompts sounds like a great idea tbh though also a lot of work if this becomes active again. i don't know how many mods there are, but a decent number of these could help, also just in general; if some are busy, so that you can keep this thing running even though other mods are busy. idk maybe that would've been easier as a community rather than a user?

every two weeks means we should have had a new post by now unless you've abandoned this place again.

a suggestion i have is to quit abandoning this place. if you can't handle being mod, give control to someone who can.

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