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Fics (#28)

mini fill girl's day, hyeri/sojin
not good enough beast/4minute, doojoon/gayoon, warning: eating disorder
the evolution of human sexuality shinee; minho/key

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b1a4, cnu/sandeul

spanking, since it happens so much:

b1a4, cnu/sandeul

these two quotes from a recent interview:

SANDEUL: "Recently when I shake hands with CNU hyung… I feel his warm heart through his hands so I’m really happy."

CNU: "[Sandeul is like] Chocolate. When I look at him, I gain strength. Also, to prevent it from melting, you have to maintain it."

secret/dbsk, sunhwa/changmin

(because her making him laugh on moonlight prince was great)
changmin actually does become sunhwa's tutor (in what, you ask? that is up to you!)

Super Junior/SNSD, Donghae/Jessica

Domesticity AU. The trials and tribulations of having a baby daughter. Bonus points for an appearance by auntie Krystal~

after school/shinee, jungah/onew

in light of the onew and jungah news: (nsfw)
i just really like the idea of a submissive onew and dom noonas (◡‿◡✿)

exo, suho/do

Beauty and the Beast AU. Kyungsoo is Belle.

(bonus points for the other members possibly appearing as the servants. e.g kai as lumiere, xiumin as cogsworth etc. something like that.)

Infinite/f(x), Woohyun/Luna

'Man In Love' M/V - Woohyun is the new music teacher at which Luna is a teacher. Woohyun has no control over the children and so Luna has to help him out. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and the children tie them up together.

Re: Infinite/f(x), Woohyun/Luna

*at the preschool at which Luna is a teacher

[fill] reschedule ; exo, sehun/kai

prompt: Jongin has been ditching Sehun to go hang out with Taemin a lot more recently, and as much as Sehun tries not to let it show... It really hurts


exo, anyone/kris

Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire au where Kris is Khaleesi, or in Danerys' shoes, or being her son from some alternate universe where Drogo didn't die? Idk I just really want Kris (and the rest of the exo gang if you can manage) to be in asoiaf/gom's universe.

please and thank you, anon!

exo, xiumin/luhan

Stardust AU. Can go either way with who is the star and who isn't.

Super Junior M: Zhou Mi/Henry

Secret Agents!AU

whatever, whenever, wherever, just pls ;A;

mblaq/infinite, joon/sungyeol

highschool au, joon and sungyeol watch porn together and get each other off.

glam, zinni/jiyeon

high school au; drinking, partying, smoking, and sex.

any, any/doctor who

An idol becomes the doctor's new companion.

bap; yongguk/jongup

something semi-canon
jealous of zelo?

b.a.p., any pairing

online dating.

EXO; Kris/D.O

"D.O was at 3rd place for ” Which Idol Star would you like to be his bodyguard.(Mnet Poll)." (some random ‘fact’ rank poll thingy I found)

Just makes me want a fic with kyungsoo being like one of those rich kids that grow up kind of sheltered and needs his own bodyguard(or just someone that watches over him) because of all the countless times he was or almost kidnapped since young. It’s those big eyes and oozing pheromones. Kyungsoo is still oblivious of his charms and enchantment towards men (even women) as he grows older. And Kris spazzes or stresses out whenever he loses sight of Kyungsoo when outside and finds him getting lured away by strangers. But even Kris has trouble controlling himself sometimes because Kyungsoo is just so adorable, still innocent looking and naïve sometimes, and it’s very conflicting to want to protect him or taint him at the same time.

basically, kris having a hard life taking care of Kyungsoo and his stress level keeps escalating because ‘GODDAMIT KYUNGSOO DON’T YOU DARE GET INTO THAT UNMARKED VAN THE MAN DOESN’T HAVE PUPPIES IN THERE JESUS FUCKING CHIRST YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER!’
And Kyungsoo thinks he can be very rude, loud(e.g. shouting) and mean to those nice ajusshis and ajummas trying to give him candy or asking him for directions, but he still likes Kris and thinks he’s better when nice, less loud and smiling fondly at him and enjoying his homemade lunch boxes. =D

lol idk. My idea sounded better in my head and I can’t explain it well in words =C I just need Kyungsoo ruining his life (like he does mines*coughs*)

oh and Kyungsoo isn’t underage in this, if it sounded like he was, then oops.

whoa, this came out so long << sorry.

Nu'est: Aron/Minhyun

Kinky smut with Aron topping. (no limit to how kinky, but please not non-con. Dub-con is ok though)

btob, ilhoon/eunkwang

They tease him for his fears all of the time and often exploit it. But nobody realises just how terrified he is when they do. Nobody except for Ilhoon, who just wants to look after their leader as he looks after them.

shinee, jonghyun/key

Jonghyun's car accident and broken nose. Hurt/Comfort. Preferably involves Key finding out about the accident and how he reacts.

exo/after school, kris/nana

kris just got back from a long day of work and he finds nana waiting for him at the living room in lingerie.

smut please, i beg.

school 2013/reply 1997; jungho/joonhee

What if Reply and School happened at the same time? Jungho is some hot shot bully that terrorizes the whole school and his favorite person to mess with is Kang Joonhee, with his Busan dialect and overbearing friends that /really/ get on his nerves.

But what if he wasn't so much as bullying Joonhee, but actually had a crush on him and didn't know how manage it? Like, the only excuse he could think of to get Joonhee to hang around was to be an overbearing bully?

Re: school 2013/reply 1997; jungho/joonhee

+10000000000000 THIS PLEASE SOMEBODY


double penetration, kyungsoo is the bottom

[fill] welcome to your dream, infinite (+ key)

prompt: inception au. doesn't have to be detailed or super faithful to the movie


shinee/ledapple, jonghyun/hanbyul

hanbyul trying to keep his cool but fanboying over jonghyun when they hang out..bc he clearly admires him so much in his little 'blah blah' videos omg

Infinite, Woohyun/Dongwoo

Prompt: Woohyun is the school's heartthrob. The hearts' throwing prince. The one that's approved by everyone, the one with perfection. Dongwoo is the school's kingka. The really delinquent one. Badass aura everywhere. What would happen if one day, both of them collides? Wait, with the arrogant NamWoohyun crying and... Hickeys on his neck? Dongwoo finally realise why he had been treating Woohyun so badly for the pass few years. Feelings and for attentions.

JangDongwoo was furious to find Woohyun so vulnerable, covered with marks. He was beyond that however, I'd say, jealous.

Hello, do consider my prompt :) hopefully you can portray a jealous Dongwoo well, with Woohyun trying to put up a front like, "it's... Nothing." Then wipe away tears. Maybe some angry make out too? Or even better, smut. Kekeke. Oh! Have a nice day :)

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