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Fics (#27)

and you can say what dreams are btob/exo, hyunsik/d.o.
compromise vixx, n/ken
a spoonful of honey exo, luhan/sehun
practice makes a grown man cry snsd/sj-m, hyoyeon/henry
Vegas Skies Kai/D.O, Suho/D.O, R/NC-17
untitled exo/infinite lay/dongwoo
limited edition btob, eunkwang/changseob
wish you were here from the beginning exo/b1a4, lu han/baro
Baby Maybe b1a4, Gongchan/Jinyoung
untitled exo, kris/luhan
untitled exo, xiumin/chen
what we could've had exo, Kai/Xiumin
untitled reply 1997, yoonjae/joonhee
highway to the danger zone exo, kai/tao
i just called to say i love you b1a4, jinyoung/baro
I See You Exo, Xiumin/Luhan
Little Gestures SNSD, Hyoyeon/Seohyun
Monday Morning SNSD, Jessica/Sunny

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MOD NOTE: And we're back!! After a really long and unintentional hiatus! But I was so glad to see that people were still here. And I also felt really guitly and bad. I apologize for letting so much time get away between posts. I'll try to get back on a sort of regular schedule! Hope everyone has a lovely spring break!! ^____^

girl's day, hyeri/sojin

Hyeri has a strange fascination for Sojin's newly dyed red hair.


(But what can I say dai5ies and girls day is adorbs ok)

"What. Is. That?" Yura blurted as she sees the dark splotchy green mixing bowl covered in a las vegas cherry red when Sojin begins to dye her already amazing brown locks. "Yeah, I thought I went crazy with my short lengthed hair, but Sojin, you're really serious this time?" Minah stared at her and the mixing bowl in a deep trance through the red.

"Yeah, well, I think it'll be fun to try something new," Sojin replied carelessly. The hair stylist moved into their way, dipped a flexible comb into the bowl and started brushing it into the roots and her long hair. "I think it's fine for Sojin to try something new!" Hyeri jumped into the moment, kissed her palms and rubbed them against her cheeks.

"Hey!" Sojin complained, cheeks blushing the brightest red, just like the reds of the dye in the mixing bowl.

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dal shabet, subin/anyone

She tried in love, she really did.


"it was just a phase" and hyomin wants to punch someone in the face.

Super Junior Kangin/Sungmin

Kangin is glad Sungmin has come into his own and has someone new, but he can't help but remember a time when his dongsaeng wasn't so independent, a time when he needed him.


she has been losing too much weight as of late, and he suspects that it's not due to the stress that she claims it is.

beast/4minute, doojoon/gayoon, warning: eating disorder?

she has been losing too much weight as of late, and he suspects that it's not due to the stress that she claims it is.

sorry, requesting this again to add in the warning.

not good enough, beast/4minute, doojoon/gayoon, warning: eating disorder, 1/?

He is no stranger to love; that whirlwind of amorous passion that starts as a flame but is fueled by a desire for companionship into a raging blaze. But perhaps more than that, he is no stranger to the aftermath of the charred remains of what once was a beautiful thing but now lies scarred and beyond repair, sanity scattered into the wind.

He'll tell himself every time that she's the one, she's the one, she's the one - and curse at his mistakes when they leave. They'll say that something was amiss from the start, and he'll spend nights awake wondering what it was that his stupidity was too blind to ignore.

Sometimes he is the one who sees the problem first. Sometimes he's the one who calls the haphazard relationships off. But he wonders sometimes, why no tears are shed, why they all seem willing to leave. Maybe he doesn't have Gikwang's looks, or Yoseob's charm, or Hyunseung's charisma. Or maybe he's just looking for love too hard. Maybe he just wants it too much, because it's a feeling he isn't sure means what it did.

On the eve of Troublemaker's release, both groups end up sprawled inside the B2st dormitory - more people, more space, Dongwoon protests - with far too many pizzas and bottles of Coke and soju and stacks of movies in hand. Hyunseung curses at them all mutely, forced silence resting his voice for promotions, aiming a kick in Junhyung's direction when the latter taunts him by downing an ice-cold shot and mockingly offering him one.

It's an overall good time even if the pizza's greasy, and somebody slips a horror movie into the laptop lying on the dining table. Within seconds, beanbags are drawn up and Hyunseung lets out a swear that he's not going to be able to talk tomorrow because that idiot Yoseob chose the one movie that makes him scream, doesn't the main vocalist know what importance a voice holds, but watches anyway.

'There's a free seat here, if you want it,' Doojoon hears a voice call, and murmurs a quick thanks before taking it. He thinks her name is Gayoon, and she pushes her hair to one side of the beanbag so that Doojoon doesn't lie down on it.

'Watched this before?' he whispers in the darkness, as the opening credits play.

'Are you kidding,' she replies, 'I've watched it more times than the actors in it have read the script.'

Doojoon decides then, in his slightly drowsy soju-responsible daze that yes, her name is Gayoon and yes, she's a perfectly nice person to spend the evening next to. Never mind the fact that the remaining nine of them are smouldering by the time the movie ends because the two of them whisper about the plot holes and how fake some of the acting is throughout the entire film, because what really matters is Gayoon's laugh and the beanbag underneath them and the pizza box that they both harbour a guilty feeling for afterwards, because it really was supposed to be shared.

Promotions come and go, and by the time Midnight Sun rolls around, Gayoon's messages are on the screen of his phone on a nightly basis and they wake up earlier than the rest of their groups to watch the sunrise on their building every morning. The realization that Gayoon is beautiful never comes, because for Doojoon, it was always there. He doesn't fall in love with Gayoon's eyes or legs or body or whatever line the media dubs her first. He falls in love with her voice - not the smooth excuse of one with reverbs and more effects than actual sound, but the ragged lull he hears in the mornings. He falls in love with every part of her that everybody else doesn't, because the beauty isn't in what the stylists make her but what she is underneath all of that, because it's so strong and infectious it shines above all else.

'Nice,' she says, eyeing his outfit for B2st's debut stage. She reaches out and adjusts the microphone on his collar, and in that minute their breaths exchange and Doojoon can't help but blurt out 'can I take you out tonight?'

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b.a.p/dal shabet, yongguk/woohee

yongguk as a young ares and woohee as a young aphrodite

shinee/f(x), Onew/Luna

Luna is Thumbelina and Onew is Prince Cornelius.

SHINee/Infinite, Jonghyun/Sunggyu

Friendship - they bond over their passion for music, their past in the band, and being the youngest son with older sister

SHINee/soloist, Jonghyun/Wheesung

How they keep in contact while Wheesung is in the army

vixx/two x, n/eunyoung

Just as she's about to confront him for making her cry all those times, he confesses something.

kara, gyuri/seungyeon

constantly butting heads can be tiring, but the make-up sex is fantastic.

nine muses, sungah/everyone

group initiation via gang bang/sungah is the new girl, and everyone gets a chance with her.

15&/soloist(s), baek ahyeon/lee hi/park jimin

ahyeon and jimin throw an apartment-warming party for hayi ( and then wander aimlessly (and introspectively!) around seoul.

snsd, jessica/taeyeon

[The surface of the water] has properties, tension, behaves differently
from the rest of the water. If you fell

onto it from a height, you would bounce.
The surface would reject you, say

I'm a solid too - we can't both be here,
but then the rest of the water would accept you,

take you into itself, pull you down
away from the surface, saying
I'm sorry,

I want you, come in.

"The Surface of the Water" by Jason Schneiderman

soloist(s), park kahi/son dambi

a quiet, domestic night in.

sunny hill, jubi/seungah

The difference between being loved and being fucked is I can't remember how the first feels.

- Clementine von Radics

hello venus, alice/ara

You are always ticking inside of me and I dream of you more often than I don't. My body is a dead language and you pronounce each word perfectly.

from "Unrequited Love Poem" by Sierra DeMulder

exo, jongin/anyone

"no, it's... you're. pretty."
(blushing is awkward and splotchy and anything but.)

( any pairing involving kai is fine. and side note, glad to see this back up and running..was worried something happened to our lovely mod .w. ~ )

b1a4 sandeul/gongchan

some cute chandeul fluff please ;o;

b1a4 cnu/sandeul


btob eunkwang/minhyuk


A day where Minhyuk can't keep his hands off Eunkwang's everything.

b1a4 sungjae/peniel



I meant to type btob u__u

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btob eunkwang/minhyuk

or sungjae/peniel

4minute, jiyoon/gayoon

distracted on their way to the dream village (or any getaway lol), they pull over for a pit stop. (car sex, or just fluffy 'admiring the scenery', idc)


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