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Fics (#26)

broken, unbroken shinee/exo, minho/kai, implied!minho/taemin
untitled exo, kris/lay
How To Snag An Attractive Bodyguard, by Prince Sehun Exo; Sehun/Kai
girlfriends soloist/f(x), iu/sulli
bulletproof but has everything to lose dbsk, yoochun/changmin
put on a happy face vixx, n/ravi

Sorry its a bit late! Have a good week! ^^;

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

For flat view, click here

btob/exo, hyunsik/d.o.

predebut boyfrands pls


Re: btob/exo, hyunsik/d.o.

oh yes! pretty please
Hyungsik's tweet sounded like one of a nostalgic ex boyfriend lol

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exo, kris/suho

kris wants to be committed but suho finds it hard to believe.

When your lips are on my lips
Then our hearts beat as one
But you slip out of my fingertips
Every time you run

fill: vixx, n/ken


exo, any pairing (or gen)

basically looking for some madness crack ✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(plus points if it's kris-centric)

filled; exo, luhan/sehun


exo, kris/anyone

i just want a super fluffy krisyeol/fanxing/krisanyoneinexo but if you prefer smut that's fine with me lol

Re: exo, kris/anyone

+1 for krisyeol ; ;

filled: snsd/sj-m, hyoyeon/henry


EXO, anyone/D.O

can we just have D.O as the cheater for once?
I think it can be really impactful when it comes from the most unexpected one

all genres & ratings are welcome

Fill: Vegas Skies Kai/D.O, mentioned Suho/D.O, R/NC-17

Amidst the sharp slaps of skin against skin and dirty moans, breathless gasps punctured the night clear as the moonlight shining down on them.
In the backseat of the car, awkward and pressed deep into the leather, Kyungsoo didn't answer the question with any coherently formed sentences, instead with only another gasp and whimper as he felt himself being stretched open and fucked raw. There was no need for an answer.
They would escape, driving well over speed limits out of city boundaries where the stars could be seen, where the air was fresh and pollution didn't linger ever present in the air.
Taking care, bracing himself with one hand on the back of the drivers seat and the other on the backseat, Jongin pounded himself hard into Kyungsoo, forcing the smaller to smaller to feel every part of him, to share his body heat, to take him in and to accept him. With every moan and every soft 'Oh' that escaped with a heavy breath through his lips, Kyungsoo would let the ends his lips curve upwards towards the beads of sweat running down his face in a slight smile.
It was just like Kyungsoo to care more about the pleasure of his partner more than of his own. It was just like Kyungsoo to stay in a relationship his heart wasn't it just to avoid breaking another heart.
Jongin was stronger than Joonmyun, there was one that could handle no strings attached sex just to de-stress and let loose, but the other was in love and cared to much. Kyungsoo knew that it'd break Joonmyun to know that his boyfriend not only fell out of love, but was fucking their friend in the backseat of a car whenever they were able to escape.
Feeling Jongin tense and the sudden burst of warmth inside him, Kyungsoo exhaled deeply, committing the sensation to memory as Jongin's hand crept slowly down the leather and onto Kyungsoo's stomach where it traced a circle or two before grasping the still hard length and jerking Kyungsoo off in quick rapid motions until he too, came with a gasp over his stomach, letting the white drip slowly onto the black.
Jongin's voice was still shaky, he was still coming down from his euphoric high.
Between deep breaths and a rapidly clearing mind, Kyungsoo answered him.
"Why don't you break up with Joonmyun hyung?"
The question had been asked then rephrased so many times, starting with a "Will you break up with him?" to the 'Why' that Jongin had recently taken to asking after each of their secretive midnight trysts.
"He gives me security and I return it. It'd break his confidence and shatter his heart if he ever knew about it. You know that Jongin."
There was a moment of silence.
"Jongin-ah, you know that we're only an 'us' out here, away from everything but the stars and the sky."
Nodding silently in the half lit car, Jongin sat up a little straighter to reach across for a box of tissues and grabbed a few before starting to wipe himself clean. Following suit, Kyungsoo wiped his stomach and chest clean before starting on the black leather seats. The night was silent and crisp and after pulling his clothes back on, Kyungsoo opened a door and fresh air flooded in, taking away the last traces of sex.
Jongin got out through the passenger door and re-entered though the drivers. He started the engine but the car didn't move.
"Kyungsoo-hyung," he asked, "what if I took a wrong turn home tonight?"
Kyungsoo met his eyes in the mirror and he didn't smile, his eyes serious.
"It's a long drive home, don't make any wrong turns."

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EXO, Baekhyun/D.O

Baekhyun gives D.O a hand- or blowjob.

2pm, nichkhun/wooyoung


shinee, minho/taemin

lithe dancer.

jyj, yoochun/junsu

made up lives.

EXO, kris/lay

a hot make up sex.

and this is an excuse for a fanxing porn tbh

Exo/Infinite; Lay/Dongwoo


Please ;A; I'll take anything. Crack is very welcome :D

Maybe Dongwoo is Lay's fanboy?

[fill] untitled ;; lay/dongwoo (1/?)

“Dongwoo, stay still,” Sunggyu says calmly, and Dongwoo knows his leader is about three seconds away from grabbing his face and pressing their foreheads together until Dongwoo’s legs stopped jiggling all over the place, but he just can’t stop. He’s so, so excited that the feeling is going to make his brain explode and dribble out of his ears until all anyone could focus on would be him, shaking in a mess of his own happiness. The GDAs are the chance he’s been waiting for, and there’s a few hours until showtime and Woohyun said he’d find out what room he would be in so that Dongwoo could finally meet him. He’d missed all his chances at the end-of-year ceremonies, lost sight of that dimpled face in the sea of other idols, but this time, it’ll happen.

“I’m sorry, Gyuzizi, I’m trying!” he giggles out, clutching Hoya’s arm and bouncing. Hoya bounces along with him by reflex, looking for all the world thoroughly lost. Dongwoo tends to do that––drag people along on his train of insanity, that is.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Hoya asks, letting Dongwoo keep up the energizer bunny show he’s bent on conducting. “Is it because––”

“Ohhhh,” Sungjong says from over at the brightly lit vanity table, eyes knowing as the coordi noona hair-sprays his bangs. “He’s going to meet his celebrity crush or whatever.”

“Oh, he’s just so perfect!” Dongwoo bursts out, grinning wildly in Sungjong’s direction, even though Dongwoo wouldn’t call the other boy his celebrity crush. He doesn’t feel like a fanboy, really, hasn’t felt like one since he’d first watched Lay’s debut teaser and saw dedication and care in the sharp lines of his limbs. God, he can’t even fathom that they’re going to finally meet, be in the same room and talk. “Have you seen him dance?”

“Who?” Sunggyu asks, incredulity sharpening his tone.

“Lay, or whoever,” Sungyeol supplies helpfully as he pries Myungsoo away from fixing the hair at the nape of Sungyeol’s neck. “One of the dancers in SM’s new group?”

“EXO,” Myungsoo says, and Dongwoo is proud that Myungsoo had obviously been paying attention the other night when Myungsoo’d been clinging to him on the sofa and Dongwoo had told him all about Lay, the Chinese dancer in EXO-M with eyes the color of dark chocolate and such precise dance moves and did Dongwoo say he loved him yet?

It’s a bit of a habit for Dongwoo to fall in love with things––with people, really. He’d say he’s in love with everyone in Infinite, if anyone thought to ask, with their managers when they ruffle his hair and buy him yummy food, with the coordi noonas when they smile at him, with their fans when they scream Infinite’s names and make him feel like he’s at the tippy-top of the world. But falling in love with Lay and his movements and how his mouth shapes around Chinese syllables that make Dongwoo’s head spin during all the interviews he’d watched on his laptop––this is really new, and Dongwoo doesn’t know Lay (or Yixing, Zhang Yixing, and Dongwoo grins because their family names are the same, really, Jang and Zhang) but Dongwoo can’t help but be fascinated with his every move anyway.

Sunggyu says something like well, calm down anyway, Dongwoo-yah but Dongwoo barely hears him––Woohyun has slipped into the room, careful so that he doesn’t wrinkle his stage clothes, and Dongwoo bounds to his feet.

“Nam-goon! What room are they in?” he asks excitedly, ignoring one of the stylist noona’s pleas of Dongwoo-ssi, please don’t ruin your pants.

“He’s going to piss his pants, if anything,” Hoya mumbles, and Sungyeol snorts.

“Four doors down,” Woohyun says, but stops Dongwoo the moment he starts to beat a speedy path out the door.

“I could tell Kibum to introduce you two, if you want,” Woohyun suggests, eyeing Dongwoo like he’s a time-bomb ticking away, about to explode the second he steps foot in EXO-M’s dressing room. “Or Kai, I kind of know him––”

“Do you?” Sunggyu asks in disbelief, amusement latent in his eyes now that the source of Dongwoo’s excitement was unmystified and would be resolved very soon.

Woohyun rolls his eyes and throws back his shoulders. “A bit; we hosted Inkigayo together once––”

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shinee, Taemin/Key

taemin is a ballet dancer. key is the receptionist at the dance studio.

exo, luhan/lay

lu han gets himself a guitar and accepts a dare from his friends to perform a song on the guitar at the school festival in a month's time.
however, lu han has no idea how to play the guitar, until the mysterious transfer student yixing offers to help.
but there's one thing lu han didn't know about yixing : yixing is dying soon.


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shinee/f(x); taemin/krystal or taemin/sulli

taemin's long hair

(lol. hope no one saw that.)

fill: btob, eunkwang/changseob


btob, any

it's all fun and games until someone ends up in a really compromising position.

glam, jiyeon/anyone


jiyeon's perfect lips

EXO: Kris/Baekhyun

When I searched for the meaning of being with you, the answer was to live through tomorrow.
When I searched for the meaning of living through tomorrow, the answer was to be with you.

Ii desuka - RADWIMPS

Don't care when what why, just make it fluff. PLEASE ;_;

b1a4; any member

In which the member of your choice is a little narcissistic. He receives a prank gift (clone-a-willy), decides to make one of himself and use it on himself.

An excuse for smut really. lol

4minute, gayoon/jiyoon

anything 2yoon related. just... anything.

sunny hill, any

i just want some sunny hill up in hurr

EXO,B1A4 : Baro/Lu Han

friendship or something sweet please <3

wish you were here from the beginning (1/2) ; exo/b1a4, lu han/baro

Lu Han is eight when he gets his first letter.

His teacher had given him the idea when he had raised some interest on South Korea when they were looking at a map of their country. She smiled at him and placed her hand on his shoulder, stating that if he wanted to learn more about the country, he should get a pen pal.

Problems arose. He didn’t know Korean and he doesn’t even know how to set up a pen pal with someone in South Korea let alone start writing to them. Thankfully, his teacher comes to school the next day with a website that he can go onto with his parent’s permission that allows him to get matched with someone around his age from South Korea. He would be writing in English too, but the point of the exercise was that they would teach each other words from their own language as they go along.

He gets an e-mail from the site with a small description of who he will be writing with. It is a cute little boy, two years younger than him, named Cha Sunwoo. The e-mail states that the little boy will be writing to him first, and to wait patiently for the letter to arrive.

When his mother waves the letter in front of his face upon returning home, he screams with excitement and rips the envelope open. Inside is pretty, white paper with a pink trim and drawings all around. At the top reads Hello Lu Han-ge! Lu Han’s heart swells.

The first letter describes Sunwoo, his family, his friends, his school (and the annoying Lee Junghwan that is in his class) and how excited he is to have a pen pal from China—and especially one like Lu Han. Lu Han is smiling ear-to-ear the whole time, even if some words are a bit difficult and he has to ask his mom what they mean and Sunwoo’s handwriting is a bit hard to read. He grabs his dictionary and starts writing the letter back.


Sunwoo finds it startling and amazing that Lu Han is one of his best friends, even if he has never met him in real life. Sure, he has spent a couple of minutes talking to Lu Han via skype, but he has never seen much more than his head and neck compared to the friends that he has had in his classes since he was two. Internet chats have become omens, but nothing was like the coarse feeling of the paper between his fingertips whenever they wrote to each other.

Lu Han had moved once; Sunwoo twice. They made sure that they always knew where they were, what was going on in their lives. Sunwoo knew of Lu Han’s best friend besides him, a guy named Zhang Yixing, and heard of the small misadventures of the two. He learned of the wooing process of Wu Fan, a Canadian exchange student that Yixing had fallen for. He had laughed at the description of the scary Huang Zi Tao by Lu Han, and had cried when Lu Han had lost one of his pets.

Lu Han was a very big part of him, even if he had never looked into his real eyes, hugged his real body, listened to his real voice. The letters were enough and they were learning—he could now write a bit of Mandarin and Lu Han, who was always better in languages than he was, was writing to him in Korean. He had a box filled with the letters that sat right next to him on the bed. He was the only person that had ever read them.

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