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Home B1A4, Jinyoung/Everyone Gen
when it begins shinee/exo, taemin/kai
untitled exo, chen/kris
Unexpected Bliss Exo, Lay/Lu Han
i wish shinee/f(x), taemin/krystal
untitled b1a4, gongchan/sandeul
the glow of embers sistar, hyorin
untitled exo, kai/suho
A Winged Cupid Painted Blind exo, kai/suho
being a hyung btob/b.a.p, sungjae/zelo
breakfast btob, minhyuk/ilhoon/hyunsik
a hundred missed calls exo, sehun/luhan

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

For flat view, click here

Happy New Year!! ^_____^

snsd, jessica/sooyoung


wonder girls, sohee/sunmi

letters swallow themselves in seconds.
notes friends tied to the doorknob,
transparent scarlet paper,
sizzle like moth wings,
marry the air.

so much of any year is flammable,
lists of vegetables, partial poems.
orange swirling flame of days,
so little is a stone.

where there was something and suddenly isn’t,
an absence shouts, celebrates, leaves a space.
i begin again with the smallest numbers.

quick dance, shuffle of losses and leaves,
only the things I didn’t do
crackle after the blazing dies.

"burning the old year" by naomi shihab nye

f(x)/miss a, amber/min

the sputter of rain, flipping the hedgerows
and making the highways hiss,
how i love it!
and the touch of you upon my arm
as you press against me that my umbrella
may cover you.

tinkle of drops on stretched silk
wet murmur through green branches.

"a shower" by amy lowell

Re: f(x)/miss a, amber/min

to op: took this really literally. hope it fit the prompt somehow.

Minyoung hated the rain. The sloppy wet drops that fell above her head, the patter of water against her rain boots and the gloominess the darkened skies brings, made her feel like Darth Vader in his mask. She noticed a small hole in her umbrella and it drizzled down her neck and Minyoung drew her hood over because it pisses her off and is the start to a horrible day.

She walks home from work to an even heavier rain and ponders where she can get another umbrella. The small holey patch had grew larger and Minyoung tossed it aside, opting to walk in the rain than holding an obsolete piece of rain shielding material.

"Hey, you need this." Someone touched her arm and the umbrella spread over her head, and Minyoung blinked as she stared into the brightest brown eyes she had ever seen. "I have space for another person, so let's move along."

Her name was Amber and she's the owner of the new toy store in town - taking space right at the so empty place that Minyoung was so used to seeing. She do not know to laugh or cry when Amber told her that she plans to put a huge Darth Vader figurine in front of the glass panel.

Amber took her home, all polite manners and broken Korean and funny anecdotes on how she loves Star Wars and Minyoung does not remember anything because she was too busy drowning into the brown eyes and the black umbrella and it should be gloomy and dark and all but for the first time in ever she saw rosy tint in everything and she realized her thoughts was rambling.

And then Amber left, not before making her promise to come see her and her store and that she have to because she have to return the umbrella, and Amber ran back into the rain with promises of Darth Vaders and Luke Skywalkers and Minyoung found that cute.

Suju, Kyuhyun/ZhouMi

All that I ask is that it not be angsty and that it be written from Zhou Mi's POV.

2pm, nichkhun/wooyoung

anything anywhere.

b1a4, cnu/sandeul

sandeul's insecure about his body because cnu is so slim and long and strong and sandeul has round thighs and a wide ass and a small cock (comparatively, he reminds himself). cnu shows him how much he loves sandeul's body, obviously.

Infinite, gen

Infinite goes on chat roulette

b.a.p, daehyun/himchan

quoted from himchan himself "when we are together, we will end up as a mess"

infinite, sunggyu/dongwoo + l

anything fluffy and familial :3

shinee/exo, minho/kai, (broken?) minho/taemin


"you look like somebody that i used to know"

broken, unbroken: shinee/exo, minho/kai, implied!minho/taemin


Minho sees him for the first time when he's waiting for the crosswalk sign to turn green. His heart stops for a moment as he takes in how similar they are; the same sort of smile, the same sort of angelic face, the same sort of skip as he hops off the pavement to cross the road.

Minho stays frozen as he walks past, his heart clenches when he hears a laugh like bells and he feels a frown start to make its way onto his face when he sees an all too familiar mischievous twinkle in unfamiliar eyes.

By the time he regains his senses the crosswalk is red. Not again, he thinks as he presses the button and readies himself for the wait.


His name in Jongin, Minho learns days later when they run into each other (literally) at the same crosswalk.

Jongin is knocked backwards with the force of the collision and Minho can hear the dull thud of his head hitting the pavement. He panics, bends down and starts pulling Jongin up from the ground, brushing him off and checking him over for injuries.

He doesn't listen to Jongin when the younger man says he's fine and he drags him straight to the nearest cafe and buys him lunch in apology.

Jongin's smile makes a weight settle on his chest and Minho ignores the fact that he's not doing this because he's a good person, but because he misses seeing a smile like that when he walks into the room.


Jongin walks into his apartment one day, shivering from the wind outside, his cheeks red and his hair a mess.

Minho beckons him over and starts to fix his hair. He rights wayward strands, smoothes down the sides and runs his fingers over the bangs to make sure Jongin looks his absolute best.

He doesn't deserve the smile he receives in return so he pulls Jongin in for a kiss and digs his fingers into slender hips to get rid of the guilt.


Jongin holds his hand in public and introduces Minho to his family, he makes Minho get to know his friends and he always asks if it's okay before he leaves his things in Minho's apartment.

Minho kisses Jongin with his eyes squeezed tightly shut, he holds him and thinks that he should be a little smaller, a little older. He threads their fingers together and wonders why it doesn't feel quite right, if it will ever feel right, and never smiles with his eyes when Jongin asks if he's missed him.

Jongin never complains when Minho doesn't introduce him to his friends, he believes him when he pouts and says it's because he wants Jongin all to himself, and he never gets mad when Minho slips up and calls him the wrong name.

Minho never looks Jongin in the eye when he says I love you.


"Why are you so good to me?" Jongin asks him one day and his breath gets caught in his throat.

Jongin looks up at him from his place on Minho's lap, eyes wide with curiosity. Minho swallows the bile rising in his throat.

"You remind me of somebody that I used to know." He chokes out and Jongin smiles.

"He must have been a pretty cool guy." He jokes.

"He was the best." Minho whispers and he hates himself a little more.


I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, anon, but I hope you enjoy it anyway :)

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girl's day, minah/yura


something based off this picture, they both look so pretty in hanbok!

exo, suho/chen/tao

Life is a series of lies woven together just for you to pretend that you’re happy when you and I both know you aren't.

infinite, sungyeol/sungjong

The darkness gave him a sense of escapism. As the night fell upon the town, it became like any other. No distinguishing marks; just brick, street lights, and the voices of people.

f(x), krystal/sulli


sulli is an angel, krystal is a demon that seduces her

block b, group

Keep each other safe, that’s all we can do when the world turns against us.

Re: block b, group

yes to this ^^ it would be fun to write. or read. if i write it, it'll take a little while. would it be okay to slip in pairings or something during the write anon? (is a sucker for any P.O/Sulli XD)

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btob, eunkwang/changsub

Sometimes being remembered is a worse thing than being forgotten

something one-sided and angsty please!

limited edition, btob, eunkwang/changseob

"Where are you right now?" Eunkwang's breath clouds in the air and he stomps his feet to keep his legs from going numb. The hand holding the phone is tingling while the other is shoved deep into his coat pocket, the light from the Cube building making his skin look deathly pale.

The voice on the other end yawns leisurely and Eunkwang resists the urge to curse his own stupidity for coming. "In the practice room," Changseob drawls. "I was practicing with Hyunsik and then I fell asleep."

"I don't remember you practicing," Hyunsik's voice chides from the background.

Changseob clicks his tongue but chooses to ignore the commentary. "Why? Where are you?"

"Outside," Eunkwang replies sharply, bouncing in place. "Let's go play pool."

"But I should be good and practice, right, hyung?" Changseob laughs and yawns again. Eunkwang lets out a few mild threats on Changseob's life and, eventually, Changseob mumbles a quick, "Yeah, yeah," and hangs up the phone.


The pool hall is empty, which isn't really surprising given the hour. The dim fluorescent lights make Changseob's skin look even worse than it actually is, but it's nostalgic in its own way. There once was a time they'd spent at least one obscenely late night a week here, complaining and playing possibly the worst games of pool in the history of the game.

"You're a horrible influence," Changseob says with a grin as he lines up his shot.

Now much warmer and happier, Eunkwang shrugs. "You rarely accomplish much when you practice with Hyunsik and I thought it'd be nice to do this without cameras around."

Changseob considers Eunkwang with an oddly serious expression before the smiles sneaks back onto his face. "Yeah, that was... surprising."

Now's when Eunkwang knows he should crack a joke, but he chooses to stay silent with another vague shrug. He can still remember exactly how surprised - no, frankly shocked - Changseob's voice had been when Eunkwang had made his prank invitation. The reaction had been perfect for their show, but Eunkwang knows too well that Changseob hasn't mastered reality knows well enough for his reaction to have been fake. And that just pisses him off.

In their trainee days it had been easier. Maybe it was selfish, but Eunkwang missed the times when the others would shy away from Changseob. To this day he never understood why people had that initial reaction to his friend, because he'd never felt it himself, but it was safe to assume that, for most, Changseob was just a bit too weird to bond with at first. Back then Eunkwang had been the only one perfectly comfortable around the awkward kid with his horrible acne, maybe because Eunkwang was pretty damn strange himself.

Nowadays, apparently, the two of them going off together like this is surprising.

"It's not my fault, you know," Changseob retorts, as if following Eunkwang's thoughts. Eunkwang blinks for a moment, his chin resting on his hands as he held his pool cue. Leaning across the board, Changseob casts him a cheeky glance before focusing on the table. "I'm in demand."

Eunkwang shakes his head. "Not even a little."

Changseob straightens up. "It's true. I'm limited edition."

The stark difference between this Changseob and the one from Eunkwang's memories is laughable. For all his apparent confidence, the effortless way he, on the surface, says and does whatever comes to mind without worrying about the consequences, Eunkwang knows better. Underneath it all Changseob is just as anxious, just as conscious of his actions as everyone else. His desperate act at the opposite only makes it more obvious.

"Only because the world would be in trouble if there were more of you." Eunkwang sets his cue to the side and pulls up a chair. Playing pool at this hour really was stupid, he thinks. His head aches from the lights and he's so tired he's tempted to curl up right on top of the table.

A second cue joins his and Changseob plops down in the chair beside Eunkwang. "Thank you for the compliment." It could be the exhaustion, but it's almost painful how much Eunkwang struggles to find a reply before he gives up entirely.

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exo, xiumin/chen

chen brings xiumin breakfast in bed

Re: exo, xiumin/chen

Jongdae struggles to push the door open with a slippered foot, and the dishes on the tray wobble a bit. As he waits anxiously for the dishes to settle he looks over at Minseok. The older boy is burrowed deep within a comforter; only his eyes are visible beneath the fluffy down blanket.

It's fortunate that Minseok's a deep sleeper, Jongdae thinks as he edges away from the door. Otherwise Minseok would have woken up when he dropped the frying pan with a shriek, or when he swore loudly because he cracked the eggs clumsily and dropped pieces of eggshell into the yolk.

But that's also the problem, Jongdae reminds himself.

For the past few weeks Minseok has been having trouble waking up. Often as the members were getting ready to leave for their schedule they would find Minseok still curled up in bed.

It's too cold, he complained whenever the other members asked.

It's true that this winter had been bitterly cold. But the dorm was well heated, so everyone had wondered what else they could do to help their hyung get out of bed.

And that's why Jongdae is hovering over Minseok's bed early on Saturday morning. He looks down at the tray of food he's holding proudly.

"Minseok," he calls softly as he nears the bed. "Hyung."

Minseok pulls the comforter over his head and groans.

"I made you breakfast," Jongdae tries.

The mound of blankets stirs and a head pops out. "Food?" Minseok asks blearily. He leans against the backboard, pulling the comforter up to his neck.

Jongdae watches as Minseok looks at the tray longingly, then at the blanket swaddling his arms to his side.

"Feed me?" he asks hopefully.

Minseok looks so helpless. His hair sticks out at odd angles, and his eyes are wide and pleading. So cute, Jongdae thinks.

When Jongdae moves the fork towards Minseok's open mouth, he leans forward, eyes trained on the piece of egg. But just as Minseok's about to take a bite, Jongdae pulls the fork away.

Minseok whines in displeasure.

"You look like a baby bird," Jongdae tells him, laughing.

Minseok frowns. "You should respect your elders," his voice is sharp, but Jongdae sees a smile in his eyes.

Grinning, Jongdae brings the fork back. And Minseok surges forward to eat the egg off the fork quickly, as if he's worried Jongdae will change his mind again.

"Bacon," Minseok looks up at Jongdae as he mumbles through a mouthful of eggs. "More bacon."

"Picky, picky," Jongdae chuckles. But he still skewers a piece of bacon and holds it up for Minseok to eat.

Jongdae continues to feed him, and every so often Minseok will request what he wants to eat next.

"Where's my coffee?" Minseok asks when there are only a few bites left on the plate.

"I thought you didn't like coffee!" Jongdae blushes, feeling flustered. He can't believe he forgot something after all the careful planning. "If I had known I would have made you coffee when I made mine. Maybe there's some still left in the pot…"

But as he begins to move from the bed, Minseok grabs him by the shoulders and presses a kiss against his lips. At first Jongdae is surprised, but he quickly relaxes into the kiss, enjoying the feeling of Minseok's lips moving against his. When Minseok's tongue slips across his bottom lip, he allows it to enter with a sigh. His tongue explores Jongdae's mouth leisurely. First sliding into the crevices behind his teeth and then tasting the roof of his mouth.

Minseok's hands wander into Jongdae's hair, and he rakes his fingers against his scalp gently. Jongdae leans further into the kiss, but then Minseok curls his fingers into his hair and pulls him back.

"Wow, even the taste of coffee wakes me up," Minseok sighs as they break apart.

Jongdae stares at him. Minseok really does seem more awake now as he sits upright, and peers at Jongdae mischeviously.

"You mean all you wanted was coffee?" He looks down at the dirty dishes, still feeling a lingering heat on his lips.

Minseok grins and kisses the corner of Jongdae's mouth.


Kris is heading back from his morning shower, towelling his hair dry, when he hears a distraught wail from the kitchen.

"JONGDAE! Why is there egg on the ceiling?"

lol sorry ew what is this OTL ahhh it's my first time writing xiuchen and it's something lame like this ><

b.a.p, youngjae/zelo

high school au
zelo needs a tutor, so his parents decide to ask their neighbor's super-smart son youngjae to help.

exo, kris/suho


Basically, Krisho sexy time. orz

Re: exo, kris/suho

It starts with soft, gentle touches.

Wu Fan's long, nimble fingers are light as they crawl across Joonmyun's skin, so light that he finds himself biting his tongue to stop himself from telling him to go faster. He wants to, he so badly wants to, but Joonmyun loves this build up.

Loves how the feel of his fingers go from light to harsh, digging into skin and kneading and groping. Loves how fingernails go from scraping to trailing thin red lines into his white skin, blemishing it, marking it. Loves how Wu Fan goes from smooth and controlled to lost in passion, lost in him.

Joonmyun breathes his lover's name out, grasping his arms and kneading the muscle there until Wu Fan lets out a low groan. He leans up and connects their lips, soft and supple and slow.

But then the caressing touches turn harsh, and the slow, languid kiss heightens in intensity, in passion.

Wu Fan is getting rid of Joonmyun's clothes quicker now, and then his hand is grasping his erection and running his fingers lightly along the length. His thumb flicks over the top, collecting the fluid there and spreading it. The feeling is maddening, and Joonmyun is wound up tight already: it's happened so quickly that he almost feels weightless.

Joonmyun groans into his mouth, panting, and soon his hands are everywhere at once. He feels along Wu Fan's arms, shoulder blades, neck, and then a hand is buried into his lover's hair while the other presses against his heart.

The beats of his heart are fast, and as Joonmyun grinds their hips together, Wu Fan's hand caught in between, it only becomes faster.


B1A4 gets high. Any pairings or none, just get these boys stoned.

shinee/f(x); taemin/krystal

ideal type.

Re: shinee/f(x); taemin/krystal

+1553526523232 PLS

snsd, sunny/jessica

opposites attract

filled: untitled, kris/lay

filled here:

[fill] How To Snag An Attractive Bodyguard, by Prince Sehun, exo, kai/sehun

for the prompt:

Kai is a hard-working peasant son happily selling food at the town market after a good harvest. Fair-skinned smelling-like-roses prince Sehun on his elegant horse does not mingle with peasants.

But those potatoes look delicious.

filled here (!

soloist/f(x), iu/sulli

let's focus on iu's massive lady boner for sulli

"I wrote the lyrics to “Peach” while thinking of f(x)‘s Sulli"

"Among my peers, I really like Sulli so much. I like her so very much"

"I would really want to date Sulli"

"Peach" lyrics

'My eyes keep going to that white face
Why don’t I even get sick of you?
When you slightly smile at me, I really go crazy
How can you be so pretty baby?'

Re: soloist/f(x), iu/sulli


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