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Fics (#24)

expected brown eyed girls, gain/narsha
probably girl's day, minah/yura
kakurenbo big bang + 2ne1, gen
golden opportunity btob, changseob/hyunsik
untitled snsd, sooyoung/hyoyeon
untitled snsd, hyoyeon/jessica
forget me not exo, kai/suho
iceberg btob, hyunsik/eunkwang
control vixx, ravi/n
Aloha Nui Loa Sistar, Hyorin/Bora
nothing worth remembering exo, kai/suho
As Fast As You Can exo kai/lay
My Hero btob. peniel/sungjae/hyunsik
late night encounters exo, joonmyun/yixing
untitled b1a4, cnu/sandeul

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

For flat view, click here

Mod Note: Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is ready to greet 2013 cheerfully! I apologize for not posting last week but between the holiday and the fact the post seemed extra dead I decided to leave it for another week and wow look at all our fills! You guys are great and without you this comm wouldn't work so thank you for always being here to post prompts and fills! ^_________^

b1a4, jinyoung/everyone

From this song:

So if you could write a fic where Jinyoung meets each of the b1a4 members like the protagonist in the song does...I'd love it. Thank you!

Home, B1A4, Jinyoung/Everyone Gen 1

Jinyoung's in the wrong end of town. It isn't his normal scenery or his desired location, but it is what it is. The street lamps are all flickering on and the sky is somewhere between orange and purple. The redhead wants to check the GPS on his smartphone, however he knows the risk he'd be taking by flaunting his wealth in such a run down neighborhood-- so he keeps walking. He walks down the crude streets, passing aging buildings with empty shops, and houses with angry dogs locked behind fences. One too many people have shoved past him and others yelling for some money. Jinyoung misses home.

Home is a place in a nice suburban community where the biggest crime is home burglaries and even those are rare. Home is being able to walk around at three in the morning and not have to look behind your back. This is not home from the way Jinyoung constantly spins around and holds onto his phone and wallet to check if it's still in their rightful places.

As routine, Jinyoung spins around, and comes face to face with a young boy. The sudden presence causes him to jump back in fright and hold his hand over his heart.

"Whoa there, big boy, no need to be scared." The boy is chewing on some gum and has a smile on his face. "I've never seen someone so jumpy before or so lonely." Upon the second half of his sentence, the boy leaned in closer to Jinyoung, to the point where their chests are touching. His breath smells like green apples. Jinyoung can feel his palms starting to sweat from the awkwardness of the whole situation.

"Uhhh...uh- no. But- ummmm..." Jinyoung stutters at a complete loss of words.

His stammering makes the younger (he assumes) boy giggle. And he can't help but notice how he looks pretty when he smiles, especially the way his eyes are mismatched. It's charming, he supposes. Although he can tell the smile itself is a bit strained.

The boy looks innocent enough, maybe he could help steer him home, that is until the male starts talking, "I've never seen a man who looked so lonely before. You look like you could use a little company." The guy winks as he ends his sentence and Jinyoung turns stiff at what the boy is inferring. Oh God. Jinyoung is definitely not in the right place. "Trust me, I can make it worth your while. If you pay me the right price, your evening will be nice and you can go and send me on my way."

He gently places his hands on the male's chest and pushes him back a few feet. This time Jinyoung is able to look at him fully. The boy is lanky and thin, he looks almost awkward, as if he doesn't know what to do with his height. His face, though, is sweet, if he ignores the bruises hidden behind concealer. Jinyoung speaks before his mind can process the words, "You're such a sweet young thing, why are you doing to this yourself?"

The kid (actually Jinyoung thinks the more accurate term is fetus) doesn't look a day older than eighteen.

He looks Jinyoung straight in the eyes and says with some mirth, "There's no rest for wicked. Money don't grow on trees. I got bills to pay. I got mouths to feed. There's ain't nothing in this world for free. I can't slow down, I can't hold back-- though, you know, I wish I could."--and Jinyoung's sure he does wish he could--"There ain't no rest for the wicked, until I close my eyes for good."

Jinyoung licks his chapped lips and hands the boy a twenty, "I don't think I'll be needing any of your 'services', I'm honestly just lost. Could you please tell which way is back to Chungbuk?"

"Country boy, huh?" The kid smirks. He points down the road Jinyoung was walking away from, "Twenty minutes down that way on foot."

"Thanks. It was nice meeting you-"

"Gongchan. They call me Gongchan." The boy tells him. "It was nice meeting you, too."

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fill: shinee/exo, taemin/kai

fill here:

op here

ANON i haven't been checking seoulfulness and i thought no1curr'd abt my prompt and u just did it beautifully. this hits me right in the heart ;; exactly what i want it to be.. but even better because you managed to make the ending (somewhat) happy ♥ anon you're the best :*

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Secret/After School, Hyosung/Nana

Doesn't have to be Dazzling Red related but this made me want to read this pairing:

exo, any pairing

where eveytime a meets b, or vice versa, chaos ensues. cue equally helpful friends and loads of crack!

exo, kris/sehun

"i wish kohai will notice me"

spoiler alert : kohai noticed

Infinite, female!sunggyu/woohyun

Something light hearted and cute would be nice. Though bonus points for firey, sassy, Sunggyu noona.

exo, any pairing

don't let me love you. i promise nothing but hurt. please, don't let me love you.

exo, chen/kris

late fill but fill here:

Not OP

This was awesome! I love Krischen you should totally continue this!

exo, kris/suho

laywer!kris and student!suho

we tried hard to make it work but in the end, you're just a one night stand and i'm still miles behind you, trying to catch up.

Re: exo, kris/suho

someone fill this prompt please odg please

brown eyed girls, gain/miryo

and for you i'd keep my legs apart
and forget about my tainted heart

2pm, chansung/anyone (or everyone?)

humiliation (obvious public arousal, being groped or flaunted in public, embarrassing nicknames, emasculation, top/dominant being embarrassed about bottoming/being submissive for the first time, being called "whore", "slut", "dirty", etc.). channie as dom, pls!

exo, lay/luhan

Lay and Lu Han's friendship (possibly even more?) through the years.

Strange how I fit into you
There's a distance erased with the greatest of ease
Strange how you fit into me
A gentle warmth filling the deepest of needs
- Vienna Teng, Eric's Song (

Unexpected Bliss, Exo, Lay/Lu Han (1/2)

blaaaargh, sorry the formatting got all fucked up there. Is there a way to delete anon comments?

Yixing does not expect terribly much to come out of his first meeting with Lu Han. He greets him once and he can already tell that Lu Han’s going to be one of the popular trainees, one of the ones who will debut and become a fan favorite in a much shorter period of time than the rest. He speaks flawless Korean, stands tall enough to be noticed but not so tall as to be intimidating, looks youthful and energetic and attractive. The jealousy passes through him and he lets it go for the time being. Lu Han’s still standing in front of him, smiling, and it’s not long before they’re talking.

The jealousy, Yixing is surprised to find, never comes back. Lu Han is too nice to him for it, too good. Yixing discovers over time that he can be extremely rowdy and bawdy, that he loves clubbing as much as he loves sitting inside and drinking tea, that he has a host of insecurities Yixing would never pin to someone so conventionally appealing. They spend inordinate amounts of time together, with Yifan tagging along occasionally and teasing Yixing about how he’s been replaced.

Yixing can’t explain it. Nominally, there’s no reason why Lu Han should get along with him so much better than he does with anyone else, particularly when he’s friends with everyone. Yixing openly admits that he’s not very special. A better dancer than some, a little more approachable than others, better looking than a few, but nothing nearly as notable as Lu Han.

Lu Han almost laughs at him when he tells him this for the first time, on a night out when they’re both a little drunker than they should be with rehearsal the next morning, but he stops himself, slinging an arm around his shoulders instead.

“Does it matter? We get along. Who cares whether or not it makes sense to anyone else?”

Yixing doesn’t have a good response to that, so he just shrugs.

Exo, Kris/Anyone

Girl!Kris is insecure about being too tall

Bonus if Kris is jealous of super cute and small girl!baekhyun stealing the only guy taller than her (Chanyeol) when she doesn't have to since shes shorter than basically all the guys.
Extra Special Bonus if its Krisyeol and Baekyeol were never dating in the first place and were more like siblings!

hello venus, any in group pairing

something based off of "explode" by uh huh her


glam, dahee/zinni

after being a little too touchy on camera ( zinni and dahee get a stern talking to from jiyeon and miso about keeping their relationship a secret

2ne1, cl/dara


(why are you still wishing on that same old star? dream a new dream, dipshit!)

snsd/2am, seohyun/jinwoon

jinwoon declares his love for her

shinee/f(x), taemin/krystal

revenge for minho/sulli at ttby. tipsy/drunk sex before mbc performance (and maybe after)

fill: shinee/f(x), taemin/krystal; i wish

he can sense her before he sees her coming towards him. they're backstage and he's alone in the dressing room while jinki and the others are off bothering different sunbaes and for once there are no coordi noonas flocking around him to fix his face powder.

there's a knock at the door and he goes to answer it, expecting the sour expression she's been giving to him these days, but instead, she stumbles into his arms and looks up at him with clouded eyes. he can tell at once that she is intoxicated.

"what are you doing?" he barely gets the question out before she's kissing him feverishly, fingertips pressing against the skin of his waist under his shirt.

"jinri came home after filming saying how great it as to kiss him. i wanted to laugh. did he say anything?" she slurs before licking a stripe along his jawline. he doesn't answer her question, even though he's thinking about how something inside him had burned the day minho came back smiling and sighing like some kind of lovestruck idiot.

"soojung, you're drunk," is what he says instead.

"i know," she laughs breathlessly against the skin of his neck and reaches down to palm his half-hard erection through his pants. the burning feeling from that day returns, and he takes it out on the closest thing to him.

he fucks her against the closet door in the dressing room and he has to clamp a hand down over her mouth to keep her quiet before she restrains herself. there's a look in her eyes that he can't quite identify, but then he closes his eyes. she's whispering his name though (taemin, taemin, taemin, not choi minho), and she only comes after he says hers in return.

"soojung," he says afterwards, as they are fixing their clothes and hair for the stage they're supposed to have in ten minutes, "you know it's you, right? just you."

"i know," she replies after a moment.

he knows that he's not the only one who thinks she sounds unsure.

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b1a4, gongchan/sandeul


gongchan is obvious and sandeul is usually oblivious. usually.

smut is more than welcome ♥ but fluff or anything else is totally fine too.

b1a4, gongchan/sandeul

It's a Saturday night and Chansik is hanging out with Junghwan just like every other weekend. They're sitting on his bed playing some stupid game that the latter seems to obsess over. Well, more like Junghwan is playing and Chansik is watching. The elder is screaming and yelling at the screen as he fights the boss of the stage, causing the food littering the bed to break and crackle and, overall create a huge mess.

His sheets are more of the blood red of Hot Cheetos by now rather than its pristine white.

Chansik's more than fine with watching however and even the mess is no big deal. He just loves having his best friend over. He especially loves the way Junghwan's lips part when he laughs as he plays. And Junghwan has this real special laugh. Chansik wants to say it's beautiful like the notes Junghwan sings, but there's really no sound. When Junghwan laughs, and he mean really laughs, no noise escapes. It also causes the ugliest expression he's ever seen before to erupt on Junghwan's face, but the only word that can accurately describe it is just plain dazzling.

He reaches a hand to pinch the inflated cheeks that are so often set in a smile. Although Chansik receives a glare in return, he just laughs it off and keeps up his annoying ministrations. They're just asking to be touched, after all.

"What are you doing?" Junghwan growls as he tries to shake off the iron grip on his cheek. His frustrated grunts is accompanied by the button smashing of his controller.

"My Sandeul is just so cute!" Chansik coos, as if he were talking to a child. "I love Sandeul so much." Chansik laughs as he throws his arms around the elder's waist. The bag of pretzels beside them tumbles off the bed, making the sound of salt bouncing upon plastic to enter their ears.

Chansik can hear the brunette sighing as he pauses his exciting game, "Not now, Gongchan! Can't you see I'm fighting Teddie's Shadow? Like oh my God, you don't understand how big this moment is. Once I beat this part I can move on with the story line and get Teddie AND Rise to join my team. And-" blah blah blah blah. Chansik takes the time to relish the feeling of having Junghwan within his arms and how pretty his lips are when they move, despite the fact that he's rambling and lecturing at the moment.

"Sandeul is just so adorable." Chansik rubs his face against the object of his affection.

Junghwan struggles against the taller male and tries to make a grab for his controller which has shifted a foot away from him. Taking notice of his, Chansik grabs Junghwan's hands within his own. "Don't ignore me, hyung." He whines in a sickeningly sweet voice akin to baby talk.

"YOU ARE A CHILD, GONG CHANSIK. A HUGE FUCKING BABY." Junghwan is tossing and turning and is finally able to return to his game because his personas are waiting for him and he thinks his teammate Chie is about to die.

"But I'm your baby." Chansik jokingly giggles, pressing a kiss to the side of the other's neck.

Junghwan makes some unintelligible noise as he screams bloody murder cause he forgot to block in the game. He groans when he sees Shadow Teddie's Nihil Hand attack destroy his other teammate Kanji. "DON'T TOUCH MY BODY." Is Junghwan's demand of butchered English after he uses Revival Jelly on Kanji, "Fuck, I'm running low on medical kits!"

The younger teen pouts and tightens his hold against him, he continues to plant kisses along his neck hoping to arise a more satisfying reaction.

"Ugh, I'm at twenty hp now. You better stop doing whatever it is you're doing right this second, you brat!"

Chansik proceeds to make 'whatever it is he's doing' five times as worse and grinds against the brunette's back. "Sandeul," he whispers into the other's ear, "stop playing."

"No. Go away. What are you doing. People don't treat their friends like this." Junghwan recounts in a daze as he continued to direct tactics to his support team.

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hello venus, ara/yoonjo

ara and yoonjo meet at a park. kid!ara and kid!yoonjo

vixx, Ravi/N

It shouldn't have come to a surprise to Hakyeon when he was rejected - it was to be expected. He was more than prepared for it, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

put on a happy face, vixx, n/ravi

a hand pressed firmly against hakyeon's mouth- not exactly what he had in mind, but he felt himself smile anyway. wonsik looked anything but amused, and that only made hakyeon smile a little more and lick wonsik's palm. immediately wonsik yanked his hand away and wiped it on his jeans.

"that's not right, hyung," wonsik warned him, almost pouting.

his words could refer to the lick or the failed attempt at a kiss. maybe that was why hakyeon had licked him after all.

hakyeon grinned and shrugged. he noted that wonsik didn't pull away, that he was able to keep his arms firmly locked around wonsik's neck. then again, being this close was nothing new. this much was safe territory. why did hakyeon have to mess with that?

it made no sense, but hakyeon was used to not making sense, not even to himself. "maybe it's not right to you," he replied. spending so much time with jaehwan was starting to have a negative effect on his verbal skills, he realized. or perhaps he didn't really want to say anything logical at the moment. he certainly wasn't feeling very logical. it wasn't logical to want to hold on this badly when wonsik clearly didn't want it. hakyeon should pull away, run away, and try and pull himself together. from how close they were standing hakyeon was able to watching himself fall apart in wonsik's eyes.

yes, definitely illogical. definitely spending too much time with jaehwan. all of these messy, confusing riddles just made his head hurt.

hakyeon unlocked his arms and wonsik visibly relaxed. wonsik wasn't usually so on edge; that wasn't right, either. it was better this way, probably. hakyeon grinned and wonsik even smiled back, though still a bit wary. forget that happened, he almost said, and he knew wonsik was waiting for it. the easy answer.

a little too easy.

instead hakyeon swept forward all over again, and wonsik wasn't prepared this time. hakyeon was far from prepared either- that failed kiss had been weeks in the making, careful planning, nights of lying awake in his bunk. this time he couldn't bring himself to think about the result. he just wanted that stupidly uncomfortable look wiped from wonsik's face. which he accomplished, and then promptly walked away a little too quickly to seem unbothered.

wonsik could have his normalcy back, but hakyeon was taking this, at least, for himself.

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“The love that we share is very hard to explain. We’re best friends, but yet we’re not.”

soloists, ailee/roh jihoon


ailee makes up for slapping jihoon on-stage by kissing him backstage :)

exo, kris/suho

The reason why Suho stripped his jacket despite the freezing temperature is because Kris wants to see Suho show the world who he belongs to.

shinee/exo, taemin/suho

Taemin loves his hyung, maybe a little more than he should.


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