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Fics (#23)

The Weather Channel infinite, woohyun/sunggyu
Sharing the Stage 4minute/after school/kara/secret/sistar
and i'm joining up the dots exo, kai/d.o
i'll follow you until you love me exo, gen
grip block b, b-bomb/zico
untitled btob, hyunsik/sungjae
we are infinite shinee, gen
start over reply 1997, joonhee/yoonjae
wonderful tonight b1a4/block b, jinyoung/zico
untitled snsd, yuri/tiffany

MOD NOTE: I know it has been a little slow here lately and I hope every has been doing good on their exams! Just a few quick notes.

  • Please remember to use stage names in your titles. So if it is Jinki and Taemin write it as Onew/Taemin. Please don't use pariing names like "kaisoo" because I unfortunately don't know the names of all members of all groups (and I don't everyone knows all pairing names!)
    BAD: exo, kaisoo
    GOOD: wonderful tonight, b1a4/block b, jinyoung/zico

  • I think it is great you're using youtube for prompts but please don't embed the videos, it makes the page slow to load. Just post the links

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

For flat view, click here

exo, jongin/kyungsoo


you know you want to

EXO/f(x), Lay/Krystal

"This kiss is something I can't resist
Your lips are undeniable
This kiss is something I can't risk
Your heart is unreliable
Something so sentimental
You make so detrimental
And I wish it didn't feel like this
Cause I don't wanna miss this kiss
I don't wanna miss this kiss"

I just feel like seeing fics about this crack!ship written. Please?

f(x), amber

queer gen (amber/girls or amber/boys who helped amber realized that she was gay) based on this ( comic from a softer world. for those who can't click the link, the text reads i am making a list of all my previous sexual partners. so i can send them thank you cards.

hello venus, lime/yooyoung

they get couples' piercings! (whether it's a piercing in the same spot on both of their bodies or meaningful jewelry doesn't matter.)

brown eyed girls, gain/any female idol


someone teasing her through her panties or rimming her or both. *___*

expected, brown eyed girls, gain/narsha

She should have expected this, she really should have. She knows how physical Narsha is, how much she likes to touch, so she doesn't know why she's surprised when the older woman grabs her hips and pulls her in so that she can drag her lips along Gain's collarbone and sink her teeth into the milky white skin there.

She wraps her legs around Narsha's waist when she's lifted onto a table and groans when the older woman goes straight for her mouth, coaxing her lips open and sliding their tongues together. Narsha slides her hands up her thighs and Gain fists her hands into the older woman's hair. She bucks against Narsha in the hope of finding some sort of release but when she hears the other woman chuckle she knows it's not going to be that simple.

Narsha breaks their kiss and looks down at Gain's body, at the way her chest is heaving and her dress has ridden up and she smirks. Gain closes her eyes and shudders when Narsha rakes her nails up the sides of her thighs; she whimpers when Narsha snakes a hand between them and brings her fingers close - so close - to Gain's hot center.

She can feel herself grow wetter with every passing second and she knows that Narsha knows it too. When the older woman brushes her fingers against Gain's panties, so lightly that she probably wouldn't have felt it if she wasn't hyper-aware of Narsha's movements, she can't hold back the moan that rips through her.

Her eyes fly open when she feels Narsha move away and she reaches out, trying to grab onto the other woman, to pull her back in and beg for more, but Narsha evades her and steps back.

She tells Gain to stand up and turn around; the way she's looking at Gain leaves the younger woman breathless and the thought of disobeying doesn't even cross her mind. So she does what she's told, she turns so her back is towards Narsha and she waits for the other woman to make her move.

She doesn't have to wait long because Narsha is pressed against her before she can count to three. Her hands are roaming everywhere, touching everything she can, cupping Gain's breasts and kneading them to draw moan after moan from her.

Narsha grabs her chin and turns her face towards her, bringing their lips together for another kiss while her hand retraces its path to Gain's center. She pushes the younger woman forward, bending her over the table and she finally, finally presses her fingers right where Gain needs them most.

Gain can hear Narsha chuckle at how she's soaked through her panties but she can't bring herself to care, not with how good it feels to have the older woman stroking her through the cloth. Another shudder racks her body when Narsha ghosts her fingers over her clit and Gain manages to choke out a please before she leans further over the table, gripping the edge like her life depended on it.

Narsha ignores her plea and keeps up her ministrations. She cants her hips forward, hoping that the older woman will just give her what she wants, what she needs but Narsha places a hand on her hip to stop her from moving and leans over to whisper be patient in her ear.

And Gain tries, she really does, but she's about to lose her mind because of Narsha's feather-light touches; she's shaking and whimpering and really trying to keep still and wait but it's just so hard with Narsha refusing to touch her directly.

She tries pleading again and lets out a strangled unnie, I need you and Narsha finally obliges. The older woman slips her hand beneath the waistband of her panties and enters her roughly with two fingers.

Narsha is relentless as she pumps her fingers into her and it doesn't take long for Gain to come undone, arching her back and tightening around Narsha's fingers.

She shivers when Narsha pulls her fingers out and only barely manages to roll over onto her back so she can watch the older woman lick her digits clean.

Narsha smiles and tells her she really should have expected this.

op (Anonymous) Expand

girl's day, minah/yura

minah loves playing with yura's nipples. :9

probably, girl's day, minah/yura

If Minah was going to make a list of everything she loves Ahyoung would probably be at the very top. And if she was going to make another list of everything she loves about Ahyoung then this would probably be at the top.

She loves slipping into bed behind Ahyoung and hearing the older girl's contented sigh as she slings an arm over her waist. She loves snaking her hand under her shirt and splaying her fingers over Ahyoung's stomach, and she loves hearing Ahyoung's breath hitch when she slides her hand up towards her breast.

When she drags her around a rapidly hardening peak Ahyoung lets out quiet little whimpers and Minah thinks it sounds better than any song she's ever heard. She doesn't mind when the whimpers suddenly stop because she's finally cupping Ahyoung's breast and rolling a nipple between her fingertips in a way that drives the other girl crazy and even though she can't see Ahyoung's face she knows the girl is biting down on her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.

She loves it when Ahyoung gets frustrated, when she pulls Minah's hand away from her chest so she can turn around and press their lips together and run her fingers along the waistband of Minah's shorts.

She loves it even more when Ahyoung tells her what to do, when she pulls away and strips off her shirt, laying on her back and looking Minah directly in the eye while she tells her exactly what she wants.

She loves making Ahyoung happy more than anything so she gladly climbs on top of the older girl, sliding a leg between hers and leaving a trail of kisses down her throat. Ahyoung's fingers thread through her hair and lead her to where she needs to be and she loves that no one else gets to see Ahyoung like this.

She runs her tongue around Ahyoung's nipple before taking it into her mouth and Ahyoung tightens her grip on Minah's hair, nails digging into the younger girl's scalp.

Minah doesn't mind though, because this is her favourite part; the part where Ahyoung gets impatient, gets needy and starts bucking her hips against Minah's leg. This is her favourite part because she gets to hear Ahyoung's unrestrained moans, her whines and gasps when she drags her teeth over the older girl's nipple and holds her hips down and tells her to wait.

It's her favourite part because sometimes Ahyoung can't wait and she grips Minah's head almost painfully, pulling the smaller girl closer to her chest. Sometimes Ahyoung can't wait and she pushes her hips up against Minah's leg again and again, moaning and whimpering the younger girl's name.

It's her favourite part because when Ahyoung can't wait she comes without being touched properly, with her head thrown back and her hands in Minah's hair and Minah's name on her lips.

So, yeah, if Minah was going to make a list then this would probably be on top.


Hope this was okay, op.

exo, any pairing

you can’t just turn your heart off like a faucet; you have to go to the source and dry it out, drop by drop.

exo, jongin/kyungsoo

inception au. eames!jongin x fischer jr!kyungsoo

Secret; Zinger

Too young to buy my own bottle of vodka
So I'd beg the driver please I need another
How funny that I was too young for so many things
Yet you thought I'd cope with being told I'm ugly
Over and over I'd read it believe it
Said no to the shrink I can fix me I think

Nicola Roberts - Sticks + Stones (

Angst about the hate that Zinger receives and her struggles with her body image and netizen attacks.

f(x), krystal/sulli

"Fuck me. Right now!" - "Just lie back and let me make you cum" - "I love the way it sounds when you fuck me" - "Don't you dare come until I say you can" - "I adore how naughty you are. I love you."

Dirty talk battle!

exo; any pairing within chinaline


"Black is modest
and arrogant at the
same time. Black is
lazy and easy
-- but mysterious.
But above all black
says this: 'I don't
bother you --
don't bother me.'

exo, chen+chanyeol

and the trolls bring the boys out.

shinee/exo, taemin/kai

You've got your world and I've got mine and it's a shame
Two grownup worlds that will never be the same

Why can't we be like storybook children?
Running through the rain, hand in hand, across the meadow
Why can't we be like storybook children?
In a wonderland where nothing is planned for tomorrow

Nancy Sinatra, Storybook Children

shinee/exo, taemin/kai: when it begins [1]

Jongin’s never been sure of when their story really begins.

Maybe it begins when his family moves into the neighbourhood in first grade. He runs away from taekwondo classes, finding them boring, and somehow takes a wrong right and winds up in the town's arts centre, peering through the windows of a dance class. With Seoul plunged deep into its rainy season there's no way home - he figures he'll just ask some of the students after their lesson.

But being a six-year-old it's impossible for him to sit still. The teacher calls to her students to follow, and he fixates his gaze on the only boy there. His feet move delicately, feather-soft touches against the floor, and Jongin knows he's never been more enthralled. Jongin thinks he's beautiful.

'I'm Taemin,' the boy says, a slight sheen of sweat on his ebony hair as he stretches out. He's slender, a body slightly effeminate and an expression that lends him a permanent mischievous glint to his eyes. 'And you look lost. Want to be friends?'

There's no going back after that moment.

Maybe it begins on their first school trip to Seoul. 'They say there are people here,' Taemin murmurs, voice laced with excitement, 'that look out for people who are talented. And then you go for an audition, and they take you into this company, and they make you a star.'

Jongin pauses thoughtfully. 'But if you become a star, you won't come to school with me any more.'

'No, silly,' Taemin laughs. 'Don't you see it? They're going to spot us both, and we're both going to blow their minds.'

Jongin nods and releases a breath. Taemin grins, even teeth in a genuine smile. It reminds Jongin of when he saw him that afternoon four years ago, that sense of exhilaration and drive. 'We're almost here, Jongin-ah, can you believe it?' The bus rolls past a building, its facade unassuming enough. But what distinguishes it from the rest is the embellished lettering and star sign glittering in the afternoon sunlight.

'Jongin, Jongin, look,' Taemin whispers, not letting go of his friend's hand. 'That's the one.'

Jongin lets pent-up breath escape him, and laughs with Taemin. It's true, the building does seem pretty interesting. It looks like a place that him and Taemin are going to love.

And in that one moment, it feels like they're unstoppable, with Taemin's hand clasped around his fingers.

But things change. Taemin sends his audition clip in at the beginning of fifth grade. Jongin's the one behind the camera, helping him with the three takes it requires to get the dance right. The camera dies before Jongin can record his, though - Taemin promises they'll come back tomorrow.

And it's a cool April morning when Jongin waits at the school gates for him, but he doesn't come. It's only that evening when there's a phone call for him - he's barely home from detention and the hagwon when he picks up the receiver.

'I made it, Jonginnie,' Taemin says, breathless. 'They said yes. I'm going to be famous, Jonginnie!'

Jongin freezes. An odd mixture courses through his veins. It's something between elation and jealousy and bitterness and relief, something that weighs down his entire person with transparent cool.

'Jongin? Hello? You have to hear about the audition. I remembered to hold my arms straight like you told me to, and they really liked that, they even talked about it, and-'

'Just promise me this,' Jongin finds himself saying slowly, oddly, unevenly, 'remember me, when you become a star.' And he cuts the call.

He doesn't spend the next few nights crying, because all he knows is that he needs to get where Taemin is. Some days he indulges in no sleep whatsoever, letting the music flood through his veins instead of blood. There's always the pressing matter of his school results, but Jongin has long been numb to that.

B.A.P, Youngjae/Daehyun

Daehyun is the wind blowing through Youngjae's hair.

exo, kris-centric

"Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me and all you're ever gonna be is mean." -- Mean by Taylor Swift (

Kris is being bullied, or abused (your choice), and it gets better? Or he confronts them? Or he could commit suicide, I'm open to any amount of angst. Really, go crazy, anon.

f(x), victoria

(character study?)

she's all smiles, but that's the only story they know.

exo, jongin/kyungsoo

in which jongin falls for kyungsoo the instant he meets the elder (jongin's lunch tray meets kyungsoo's face first though) and [insert member(s)] almost die of second hand embarrassment. just looking for fluff (and a bit of crack) thank you ^^

b.a.p/a pink, youngjae/yookyung

yookyung is the heir to an enormous conglomerate and youngjae is her father's protege who is being groomed for a high position in the company. youngjae initially thinks that yookyung is a silly young thing and he doesn't think that she has what it takes to be his competition or even the desire to eventually run the company. boy, is he wrong. this culminates in a mental smackdown (yookyung kicking his ass, that is) that ends in youngjae being totally impressed (and turned on).

exo, chanyeol/baekhyun

Baekhyun comes home from school one day to find a tall boy stranded atop his roof, clad in white, claiming to be a fallen angel. It takes some convincing for him to rescue the poor boy and take him in, because really, which angel is this strange?

2ne1/bigbang, cl/g-dragon

she's an independent woman

any group, any pairing or gen

Kakurenbo is a game of hide and seek. You will need at least seven players and all kids must wear a fox mask to play. This isn't a normal game, though. They say that demons appear to steal away the children that play. And it's true. In this game, kids will disappear.

kakurenbo, big bang + 2ne1, gen [1]

It starts when Jiyong (followed closely by Seunghyun) goes around to each of their houses and delivers a personal invitation to his Top Secret meeting. Everyone is instructed to meet at their usual spot at one o'clock on the dot the following day. Jiyong tells them not to be late, straightens his collar and leaves.

They all congregate before the set time anyway, meeting as a whole before the girls split off and go to Chaerin's house while the boys roughhouse outside and talk about how Jiyong and Seunghyun really need to start letting them in on their plans.

All of the are too excited to sleep that night.

They arrive at the exact time they were instructed to but despite the fact that they were on time Jiyong still looked at them like they'd made him wait for hours. He claps his hands and gestures for them to sit down and Seunghyun starts handing out brightly painted masks.

All of them listen in silence while Jiyong tells them about the game, too interested to even shift around.

They're supposed to put on the masks and go out and hide. They're supposed to wait and wait and wait until someone - no, something comes to find them. Jiyong doesn't know exactly what that something is but he promises and an adventure, something they'll remember for the rest of their life.

They believe him, it's hard not to when his eyes shine and his voice is full of confidence, so they slip on the masks with no arguments and follow him outside.

He tells them to be back by nightfall and they all set off in opposite directions.

btob, any pairing

dreaming of the day when the person I like likes me back

golden opportunity, btob, changseob/hyunsik

Maybe Changseob should feel a little bad about using their new show as a way to fulfill his secret fantasies, but he doesn't. Not when he gets rejected first by Ilhoon's disarmingly convincing cold woman persona, and then by 'Shin Penelope' whom Changseob is pretty sure just wants to eat Hyunsik's tuna mayonnaise. As he shuffles out of that last room, he glances sheepishly at the camera and hugs his food close, but he's already decided that he's not going to let himself be cast in this role. There's a way more satisfying solution.

"So is there a girl you like?" the PD asks him as he shifts nervously on the couch and shifts his eyes away.

It looks like an act, but Changseob's palms are sweating. "Guy No. 1."


Changseob isn't surprised that he finds his new role too easy. The camera zooms in on his face as he stares blatantly at Hyunsik's face from across the couch. This isn't unlike what Changseob does every day, but now he doesn't have to hide it. Hyunsik catches him a few times but for once Changseob doesn't look away or make excuses. At first Hyunsik doesn't seem to know what to do, but then he notices the camera on them and something clicks. Ah, it's part of the show, Changseob can imagine Hyunsik thinking.

Hey, whatever works.


"Guy No. 1, do you have some time to spare?" Changseob peers into the room from the half-opened door. Minhyuk and Eunkwang look just as confused as Hyunsik, but Hyunsik thinks he knows what's going on, so he agrees after a moment and follows Changseob downstairs.

The PDs give them hot cups of coffee because it's freezing outside. Hyunsik holds his close and Changseob can see Hyunsik's nose turning red after five seconds of them stepping out the door. The camera focuses on Hyunsik's uncertain but friendly smile and Changseob has a feeling the company is going to recommend him trying acting with how convincing this awkward silence must be.

"I like you," he finally spills out. His throat feels scalded from too many sips of coffee and his nose is running. Hyunsik smiles, which is not the reaction Changseob had ever dreamed possible.

Guy No. 1 feigns confusion, laughing and laughing while Guy No. 2 stays perfectly serious. "I love you."

Hyunsik pauses. There's still that blinding smile but something behind it falters a moment. The camera's lights hurt Changseob's eyes as he squints to try and read that look on Hyunsik's face, but it's already gone. The back of Changseob's neck flushes as Hyunsik turns away, his eyes back on the camera.

"I need some time to consider," he chuckles, and Changseob thinks he's really fucked up.

That doesn't mean he's about to stop.


Eunkwang and Penelope sweep from the room in a grand exit. Minhyuk and Sungjae crack up in the adjoining room, and Hyunsik has his arm around Ilsoon where they sit on the couch. All eyes turn to Changseob, who's already managed to snap the stem of his rose once.

Ilsoon rolls her eyes and rises from the couch. She cocks her hip and tosses her hair as she waits for Changseob's confession. Behind the cameras, the PDs stifle their laughs with their hands and watch Changseob with amused anticipation. At least someone's amused. Changseob feels like he's going to keel over.

Shit, this is supposed to be a show.

The room is deadly silent as Changseob falls to one knee in front of the couch. Gasps erupt from the adjoining room and the cameras follow to capture the shocked looks on everyone's faces. Hyunsik is smiling, he's always smiling, and it's enough to make Changseob smile, too, even if this is the craziest thing he thinks he's ever done. Their eyes meet for a split second and then they're both laughing because it's all so stupidly ridiculous.

"Accept! Accept! Accept!"

Guy No. 1 does accept after a moment of fake consideration. Guy No. 1 and Guy No. 2 embrace as everyone in the room screams and cheers. This is going to be a big hit, no doubt. Changseob can't quite get himself to be as energetic as the others, too absorbed in wondering if this is what it'd feel like if Hyunsik actually meant it.

For now, it's good enough.

Fill: snsd, sooyoung/hyoyeon

Fill here:

Hope it's close to what they envisioned. Also posting from iPad, does the third part show up for anyone else?

Re: Fill: snsd, sooyoung/hyoyeon

not the op, but the third part does show up!

any girl group(s), any pairing or gen

college a capella group au in the vein of pitch perfect. a million bonus points for anything along the lines of

snsd, yoona/yuri

lesbian!persephone and hades


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