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seoulfulness is an anonymous fanworks meme for fans of Korean media. A new post goes up every month and, in these posts, you can anonymously request as many fics as you desire and fill as many requests as you want. This meme is modeled after anon_lovefest, so if you want to familiarize yourself with the format, I strongly encourage you to check them out!

Now, onto the rules of conduct!

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Post #30

Fics (#29)

reschedule exo, sehun/kai
welcome to your dream infinite (& key from shinee)

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Hello Everyone!

As you can see the most recent post (#29) only had three new fics! Ahh, this is saddening and after I had left it up for two weeks.

So I am here to ask you for your advice as far as the posting schedule goes. Please fill out the following poll!

Poll #1904150 Posting Schedule
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How often should new posts me made?

Every week
Every two weeks
Every Month
Other, I'll tell you in the comments

And what else do you think we can do to keep our community alive? Please leave comments and suggestions! ^____^

Post #29
Fics (#28)

mini fill girl's day, hyeri/sojin
not good enough beast/4minute, doojoon/gayoon, warning: eating disorder
the evolution of human sexuality shinee; minho/key

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Post #28
Fics (#27)

and you can say what dreams are btob/exo, hyunsik/d.o.
compromise vixx, n/ken
a spoonful of honey exo, luhan/sehun
practice makes a grown man cry snsd/sj-m, hyoyeon/henry
Vegas Skies Kai/D.O, Suho/D.O, R/NC-17
untitled exo/infinite lay/dongwoo
limited edition btob, eunkwang/changseob
wish you were here from the beginning exo/b1a4, lu han/baro
Baby Maybe b1a4, Gongchan/Jinyoung
untitled exo, kris/luhan
untitled exo, xiumin/chen
what we could've had exo, Kai/Xiumin
untitled reply 1997, yoonjae/joonhee
highway to the danger zone exo, kai/tao
i just called to say i love you b1a4, jinyoung/baro
I See You Exo, Xiumin/Luhan
Little Gestures SNSD, Hyoyeon/Seohyun
Monday Morning SNSD, Jessica/Sunny

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MOD NOTE: And we're back!! After a really long and unintentional hiatus! But I was so glad to see that people were still here. And I also felt really guitly and bad. I apologize for letting so much time get away between posts. I'll try to get back on a sort of regular schedule! Hope everyone has a lovely spring break!! ^____^

Post #27
Fics (#26)

broken, unbroken shinee/exo, minho/kai, implied!minho/taemin
untitled exo, kris/lay
How To Snag An Attractive Bodyguard, by Prince Sehun Exo; Sehun/Kai
girlfriends soloist/f(x), iu/sulli
bulletproof but has everything to lose dbsk, yoochun/changmin
put on a happy face vixx, n/ravi

Sorry its a bit late! Have a good week! ^^;

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

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Post #26
Fics (#25)

Home B1A4, Jinyoung/Everyone Gen
when it begins shinee/exo, taemin/kai
untitled exo, chen/kris
Unexpected Bliss Exo, Lay/Lu Han
i wish shinee/f(x), taemin/krystal
untitled b1a4, gongchan/sandeul
the glow of embers sistar, hyorin
untitled exo, kai/suho
A Winged Cupid Painted Blind exo, kai/suho
being a hyung btob/b.a.p, sungjae/zelo
breakfast btob, minhyuk/ilhoon/hyunsik
a hundred missed calls exo, sehun/luhan

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

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Happy New Year!! ^_____^

Post #25
Fics (#24)

expected brown eyed girls, gain/narsha
probably girl's day, minah/yura
kakurenbo big bang + 2ne1, gen
golden opportunity btob, changseob/hyunsik
untitled snsd, sooyoung/hyoyeon
untitled snsd, hyoyeon/jessica
forget me not exo, kai/suho
iceberg btob, hyunsik/eunkwang
control vixx, ravi/n
Aloha Nui Loa Sistar, Hyorin/Bora
nothing worth remembering exo, kai/suho
As Fast As You Can exo kai/lay
My Hero btob. peniel/sungjae/hyunsik
late night encounters exo, joonmyun/yixing
untitled b1a4, cnu/sandeul

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

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Mod Note: Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is ready to greet 2013 cheerfully! I apologize for not posting last week but between the holiday and the fact the post seemed extra dead I decided to leave it for another week and wow look at all our fills! You guys are great and without you this comm wouldn't work so thank you for always being here to post prompts and fills! ^_________^

Post #24
Fics (#23)

The Weather Channel infinite, woohyun/sunggyu
Sharing the Stage 4minute/after school/kara/secret/sistar
and i'm joining up the dots exo, kai/d.o
i'll follow you until you love me exo, gen
grip block b, b-bomb/zico
untitled btob, hyunsik/sungjae
we are infinite shinee, gen
start over reply 1997, joonhee/yoonjae
wonderful tonight b1a4/block b, jinyoung/zico
untitled snsd, yuri/tiffany

MOD NOTE: I know it has been a little slow here lately and I hope every has been doing good on their exams! Just a few quick notes.

  • Please remember to use stage names in your titles. So if it is Jinki and Taemin write it as Onew/Taemin. Please don't use pariing names like "kaisoo" because I unfortunately don't know the names of all members of all groups (and I don't everyone knows all pairing names!)
    BAD: exo, kaisoo
    GOOD: wonderful tonight, b1a4/block b, jinyoung/zico

  • I think it is great you're using youtube for prompts but please don't embed the videos, it makes the page slow to load. Just post the links

There's a delicious archive for seoulfulness run by anon(s) who aren't me here.

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